People often do not believe me when I say that I struggled with my weight for most of my life. I was looking thru old photos and found this gem. Jen is one of the most dedicated athletes that we have in the gym. One never to make an excuse and always trust the process!
Jennifer M.

The Dynasty Nutrition Program helped me figure out what it was that I was doing wrong when it came to my nutrition. I like the fact that meal plans and recipes were available to get you started and that you were held accountable my having to provide a food diary to the coach every week and in return the coach would review and provide you feedback on your progress. I would highly recommend this program but in order for it to work you have to be 100% committed. In return I had more energy, dropped a dress size and saw more muscle definition.
Deirdre I.

“When I started the New You Challenge at Dynasty CrossFit I was terrified! I had been working out at my gym for more than a year and while I lost 30 pounds, I didn’t feel “fit” or “good”. It felt like I was “just going through the motions” and I was looking for more of a challenge. Oh, boy….did I get that!
Everyone kept telling me that Dynasty CrossFit would change my life but I had no idea how MUCH it would change my life! I knew after my first workout that this was for me and knowing that I was on the right track with amazing people helping meet my goals I knew that this place was for me.
I have always had low self-esteem but when the pounds kept piling on, I literally hated myself. As the weeks progressed I felt better after each workout and I started seeing changes in my body and behavior that I had been waiting to see for years! I noticed that I was walking taller, where I used to slouch but now my shoulders are pushed back and I am CONFIDENT!
Natalie W.

Jason Praet is a 39-year-old husband and father who is also very dedicated to his job and helping others in any way he can. Growing up, he was always very active. He was a varsity wrestler and baseball player in high school. He kept active throughout his adulthood and that is how he came to be a member of Dynasty CrossFit. Jason first came to Dynasty to participate in an Endurance program after seeing some information online. He enjoyed that program and the camaraderie that came with the other participants. After trying out a Dynasty CrossFit group class, he decided to dive right into classes on a regular basis. He remembers that the workout went surprisingly well and he felt amazing after completing it.

Jason is also very motivated when it comes to his training. Like most people he has a least favorite workouts and that is anything with distance running. Even on days where distance running is programmed, he still shows up and gives it his all. He notes that his favorite workout is anything without running. Regardless of the day he’s had or the workout that is programmed, Jason is always a great source of motivation for the others in his class.

Since starting CrossFit, Jason has gained 20 pounds of lean mass along with losing a good amount of body fat percentage and has noticed that he now fills out his shirts better. Even though he has gained some weight, he is able to still wear the same clothes. He loves how they fit him so much better these days. Jason stated that even though his clothes fit better, the biggest change in his life since joining Dynasty “has been the acceptance of the amazing Dynasty Family!!! #lifechanging”

Jason’s favorite moment at Dynasty is every moment. He enjoys every second spent at Dynasty and says that the members and staff make every visit a memorable experience. His advice for those considering trying CrossFit is to not believe anything you’ve heard about CrossFit. Go into it with an open mind and be prepared to get addicted and enjoy the experience.

Jason P.

“One year ago today I went to my doctor and told her how depressed I was because my lifelong issues with overeating and my weight were affecting my energy and self confidence. Rather than medicating for depression, we made a plan to change my lifestyle for the better and set a weight goal. Today I have not quite reached that weight goal (yet?) but I don’t even care because there are one hundred better things I’ve done for myself that are way more important. In the last year I’ve learned a ton about nutrition and started making healthier choices, trained for and ran two half marathons (and just registered for another), lifted weights for the first time, took a chance on something new and found a new home and new passion at Dynasty CrossFit, dragged some friends along on healthy eating challenges, wore denim shorts for the first time since middle school, finally started going to hang out at the pool with my friends because I didn’t want to hide anymore, and generally started loving myself so much more than I did before. And somewhere between these two pictures I also lost 35 pounds of fat and got my blood pressure back into the healthy range. All of this is to say that I never thought I’d still be at it a year later but for anyone who is trying to change their life a little or a lot it’s all about sticking with it even when you mess up. Thank you so much to all of my friends and family and coaches for the support and encouragement. This next year’s goals will be a lot more focused on my half marathon time and how heavy my lifts are than an arbitrary weight goal.”
Kelly M.



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