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Success Stories

Lynn Smith

I use to spend 2 hours per day, 2-3 days a week at the gym. When I tried CrossFit, I had never been more challenged and I was no longer bored. I was hooked! Lynn joined Dynasty CrossFit a year ago. She suffered an ankle injury outside of the gym in early 2015 that forced her to have surgery. Not long afterward, though, Lynn was back in the box, working hard to recover. Although acquiring new skills came along with putting in lots of work, she found some benchmarks more satisfying than others. Pull-ups [are my greatest accomplishment so far]. I wanted so bad to do 5 pull-ups when I started 2015. I’ve now done over 55 in one class. Having hit PR (personal record) after PR, Lynn is still working towards new goals. Double Unders [are what I'm working on now]. They are not my friend. And then muscle-ups are on my list.

Brandon Gurley

Brandon Gurley (BG) started at Dynasty CrossFit about a year ago. Before I joined, I was very intimidated by CrossFit even though I didn’t know a thing about it. My wife was a member about a year before I joined. She wanted me to join, I resisted. I finally caved into her and joined. The first few classes were rough for sure, but once I got in the groove it became great. I find that Crossfit is way more than just exercise, I’ve made great friends here and found out a lot about myself. I can’t see myself ever going back to the big fitness center.

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