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CrossFit is really difficult, but then I finished the workout and it’s all over, you just have to push through it. Aubrey recently started at Dynasty CrossFit after being an avid runner. While training for my marathon I pulled my hamstring and had to take two weeks off to recover, I was afraid the injury would prevent me from finishing. Despite the injury, Aubrey has committed to the Dynasty CrossFit process, and through hard work in training, she has begun to reach her goals! ? I have always struggled with my shoulders, especially with an old work injury. Despite nagging problems, she recently had a personal best on her Push Press with 85 lbs! To see that much improvement is awesome. I currently have had this goal for a while now and finally want to really push through this year and get a six-pack! (even though I hate ab workout and love chocolate).

My best story is probably with Coach Courtney: we had a really rough shoulder workout including rope climbs, I tried so hard that day to get them in (rope climbs) but my shoulders were burnt out. She could tell that I was disappointed and told me not to do that to myself, she said something like every day is a different struggle and to look at what I accomplished. She really got me out of my own head and made me realize I was putting too much pressure on myself.

I have bad anxiety and do this a lot, it was refreshing to have someone else snap me out of it.

Aubrey works at BBI Construction Management and Publix. She loves horseback riding, going to the movies, and traveling. She’s committed to finishing her Bachelors in Construction Management at the University of Florida.

Aubrey Wyrick


I use to spend 2 hours per day, 2-3 days a week at the gym. When I tried CrossFit, I had never been more challenged and I was no longer bored. I was hooked! Lynn joined Dynasty CrossFit a year ago. She suffered an ankle injury outside of the gym in early 2015 that forced her to have surgery. Not long afterward, though, Lynn was back in the box, working hard to recover. Although acquiring new skills came along with putting in lots of work, she found some benchmarks more satisfying than others. Pull-ups [are my greatest accomplishment so far]. I wanted so bad to do 5 pull-ups when I started 2015. I’ve now done over 55 in one class. Having hit PR (personal record) after PR, Lynn is still working towards new goals. ?Double Unders [are what I?m working on now]. They are not my friend. And then muscle-ups are on my list.

When asked about her best Dynasty CrossFit story Lynn said, “This is a hard one. I’ve met so many amazing people. Doing the open was incredible. I’ve never been in a sport where everyone cheered and pulled for each other. Having all the people from the CrossFit community there and participating was such a unique experience. But, I don’t know if that is the best because seeing my son workout doing Dynasty Kids program aka Future Beast while I’m doing a workout is hard to top. My little girl’s so excited to come in and be a part of this community watching us work, bonding with the other children, and ready to participate now that she is old enough is probably as good as it gets!

Lynn Smith


Brandon Gurley (BG) started at Dynasty CrossFit about a year ago. Before I joined, I was very intimidated by CrossFit even though I didn’t know a thing about it. My wife was a member about a year before I joined. She wanted me to join, I resisted. I finally caved into her and joined. The first few classes were rough for sure, but once I got in the groove it became great. I find that Crossfit is way more than just exercise, I’ve made great friends here and found out a lot about myself. I can’t see myself ever going back to the big fitness center.

Since starting, Brandon has made huge gains in the gym. I would say my 125lb Snatch and 315lb deadlift. My first day, I could barely overhead squat the bar. His commitment to the process has lead to amazing progress. As one of the most consistent 6am class attendees, Brandon is an unique example of dedication and growth. All the overhead stuff was hard at first, now I look forward to it. Also, getting the hang of rope climbs has been challenging. I can do it but there is definitely room for improvement. He has set his sights high after his 1 year CrossFit anniversary. I want to be able to do kipping pull-ups and jump rope double-unders. Slowly but surely I’ll get there.

Outside of the gym, Brandon likes to spend time at Disney World with his wife Courtney and two girls, Savannah and Emily. That is definitely our happy place, he says. His hobbies include fishing and disc golf. I also enjoy the science of BBQ and smoking meats on the weekends, I’m kinda geeky like that. For work, he owns and operates a Mobile X-ray and Ultrasound business with his dad and brother. We perform diagnostic tests on patients that are generally too weak to make it to a clinic or hospital for routine exams. Small family-owned medical companies are becoming a rare breed. We went from serving 6 sites in Alachua County in 1996 to presently serving over 200 sites across 25 counties in FL. I’m very proud of that.? His goal outside of the gym, besides providing a good life for my family, is to get a disc golf ace (hole in one), a goal he’s been aiming for two years.

Brandon’s favorite Dynasty story is a 6am classic: After a 20-minute workout I was laying down [to recover] on the gym floor, and a swamp bug (that was sitting still literally the whole class) decided to take refuge under me. The bug looked like something out of a horror movie and we had been avoiding it all class. No one was expecting him to move as quickly as he did after the super challenging workout but BG shot up off the floor like a rabbit. He said you had to be there (lol) for it to be a good story, but I stand behind it being one of the most memorable 6am Dynasty classes.

Brandon Gurley


Ginger Gibson joined Dynasty a little over two years ago. Honestly, I did not think I could do CrossFit as I had never lifted before and it appeared to be for the elite athlete. She soon discovered, however, that consistency was key. In fact, she says that her biggest accomplishment thus far is sticking with working out at least two times every week for over two years!

As with anything you stick with you a long time, CrossFit has its challenges. However, Ginger doesn’t look at the ups and downs as positive and negatives, but instead as opportunities. Funny! I never use the word obstacle but like to see things more as opportunities. My biggest opportunity thus far has been to find out how much more I am capable of that I never thought I could do. At my point in life I appreciate small achievements. I have found that with wellness I am better at making small changes so I am going to continue with doing that this year in the nutrition area.

Ginger is one of many highly valued athletes at Dynasty CrossFit and finds strength in the community. I am so thankful for the people that I have met at Dynasty. I never would have thought that I would have met so many great people whom I enjoy working out with and talking with.

Outside of the gym Ginger works as a CFO at Santa Fe College (#1 Community College in the Nation!!!). She enjoys reading and spending time with her two full of life young girls. She hopes that she can make sure that her two girls are provided with love and experiences so they can fulfill their aspirations in life.

Ginger Gibson



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