The same guy who when Vader threatened his sister tried to murder him? The Last Jedi slowly went up in my estimation over the last 2 years and then skyrocketed after watching TROS. Edge: TPM 4) Bad Guy Leader Sidious vs. Snoke. I didn't say he lost, I said he didn't even try and fight. One small nitpick. Level Seven. TLJ-Luke. Zombie Sheev was confirmed to be weaker than his ROTS self, and Snoke himself (Who's comparable to ROTJ Palps) seems to imply Luke already beat him before. TLJ IS faithful to the old trilogy. Then in TROS you barely give him any time with Rey to actually care any of that over, resulting in a scene that consists of a joke and a scene that carries little to no emotional weight because of it. 26 comments. Luke and Snoke put aside their differences to destroy Palpatine. I don’t mind any of that. Who is very much faithful to OT-Luke. TLJ Luke is very faithful to the OT and how Obi and Yoda ended up in isolation and how their personalities changed as a result. TLJ Luke is more interesting by miles, I just think he was not well executed by Rian. We don’t even see him mourn Han Solo’s death because the movie cares more about blue milk gags. But the movie never called him Sidious, just the Emperor. We've used the scripts for the other films to prove shit like Luke erecting a Force Barrier in Episode V vs Vader's TK, Luke employing Tutaminis vs Sidious in Episode VI, and Windu partially deflecting Sidious' lightning with Tutaminis with 1 hand. There was a scene with Mark Hamill in a wig but I think they left that in by mistake. ROTS: Yoda/Kenobi vs Sidious/Vader It’s a very hard list to write. You must log in or register to reply here. TLJ Luke vs Palpatine. Prime Luke (Canon) vs. RotS Sidious (Canon) on December 15th 2019, 7:19 am. Yea I don't think Luke would ever take kindly to a visceral vision of all of his friends and students dying. So I guess my scale would be Zombie Sheev (Book scaling) > Snoke > ROTJ Palps > ROTS Palps > Zombie Sheev (Martin's words), Correction, the dyad explicitly gave him force power, because rey said that the fleet-zapping lightning sidious used was the power of her and ben’s dyad. Rey’s assessment seems to be contradicted by the rest of the material, which indicates only Sheev’s body had been restored. Who wins? The title of this page has been controversial since the reaction to his first name got us amending the naming policy so that we call him Darth Sidious because he "self-identifies" as that apparently in his fall in Return of the Jedi. Does "Peak Disney canon Luke" have any actual feats? Luke and Leia where able to break Palpatine's connection over the storm because Leia gave Luke a massive amp that allowed him to fight to the peak of his ability. 4. ?? GuiGon/ObiWan vs. Maul was EPIC! I’m sure it constantly changes too and that I’ve missed out some real gems. When it's just Luke on his own vs Vader/Sidious, there's more at stake and Luke is internally motivated to defeat them, as opposed to having a force ghost cheerleading squad behind him. 84% Upvoted. I just don't see how he could have been trapped in his undead body, it's implied in the comics he knew how to transfer his essence to another body considering a lesser soth could do it with an artifact. Luke Skywalker was not in TROS. His characterization in the film is something not a lot of people saw coming beforehand, but it was an interesting direction for him and IMO one of Hammil's finest performances to date. However, given the information that we currently have, it is doubtful that Luke would defeat Darth Sidious. And in the end, Luke’s projection arrival was very much the heroic inspiring Jedi everyone thought he was. To be fair the gang barely spent time together in TESB and ROTJ as a trio too. But there are numerous WoG comparing Snoke in power and knowledge to ROTJ Palpatine, who should be his peak if we take Martin's words over the book. Posted by u/[deleted] 1 year ago. Throughout the storied history of the Jedi Order, there have been some truly great heroes, from Luke Skywalker to Mace Windu to Qui-Gon Jinn to Ahsoka Tano. Both sides are aware of each other’s capabilities. Easy decision here since Snoke went out like a *****! Sort by. Matt Martin (A member of the Lucasfilm storyboard) said as much on Twitter, plus I doubt the trustworthiness of the books in general since they add some really weird things (Martin and numerous other people were confused by several details in the book when people asked them about them). Most of the 'fight' was him just backing up. When he senses Ben’s dark future in his tent, he feels a similar impulse to attack him but this time he controls it after a few seconds. This is true for both our reality and the one that exists within the Star Wars universe. TROS Luke is the Luke that learned the lessons of TLJ. TESB/TLJ - All Millennium Falcon scenes tied. That Rey escalated it far beyond how far it should have gone by turning on a lightsaber doesn't mean Luke lost. JavaScript is disabled. TLJ Luke has forgotten all that character development that OT Luke had. Message reputation : 100% (1 vote) Sidious if TROS leaks are true. Luke quite quickly disarmed Rey with a weather vane. ANH - Death Star destruction 7. I don’t think “restored” means “return to original power levels and not a single drop higher”. And honestly Disney's examination of Luke Skywalker and how they acknowledge the expectations that we put on people thanks to their accomplishments and the toll that can take when it all comes crashing down feels so much more honest than...this perfect guy: An inferred/implied arc at least, considering everything, but the beginning and the end were entirely off screen and only hinted at by a single flashback where he considered murdering his nephew in his sleep. TLJ-Luke and Snoke -VS- RotS-Sidious Darth Sidious sits in his office in Revenge Of The Sith , but instead of Jedi walking in, Luke and Snoke from The Last Jedi walk in. And now, he returned in The Rise of Skywalker and everyone called him Palpatine, including himself. Both sides are aiming to kill each other, with zero holding back., Peak disney canon non-dyad sidious and luke, Both sides are aiming to kill each other, with zero holding back, Both sides are aware of each other’s capabilities, Both sides start 20 meters apart of each other, Fight to death or complete incapacitation (no force ghosts or essence transfer). When Vader threatened to turn Leia to the dark side he attacked him in a rage, severed his arm and was about to strike him down before coming to his senses. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Down to the cheap wig and the how short it all is. I give exactly zero fucks about ST Luke in general. You must log in or register to reply here. This happened in the Star Wars comic Dark Empire, Palpatine was strong but Luke used the Light Side of the Force and defeated him, he cut his arm off, his battles with Darth Vader prepared him for Darth Sidious, in the films Luke would also prevail, he held back against his nephew Kylo Ren and would have easily beaten him in a real duel if he wanted to, Sidious stands no chance. #8 SirFizzWhizz ROTJ era in canon Luke has no real superior Force feats to Anakin. They are not that different. If you thought Luke Skywalker acted like kind of an asshole in The Last Jedi, know this: he could have been far meaner. I’m with Mark Hamill on this - the fact we didn’t even get one scene of Luke, Leia and Han together is insulting and to make matters worse each one dies alone. Faintly aware of the whir of air scrubbers and sounds of the outside world infiltrating the luxurious suite, he continued the vigil; then, in relief, he pulled himself up to his full height and let out his breath. Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan double team against Darth Vader and Darth Sidious on the Death Star Fight to death or complete incapacitation (no force ghosts or essence transfer) Round 1 is Snoke vs canon Sidious Round 2 is Snoke vs Legends Sidious. Luke fooled an entire army and faked a fight. The about people is that, they aren't perfect, none of the OT heroes were ever portrayed as even remotely something perfect. At best, it diminishes Luke's willpower to avoid the Dark Side on his own, making him seem like potentially a weaker protagonist. I will get it, as I like Luke, but not the crap from TLJ. It’s the rest of it that sucks. TLJ - Luke’s projection vs Ren 6. Luke in TROS is essentially Mark turning to the camera and going“now this is want the fans WANTED to see Luke do *wink* *wink*”. share. Post ANH Luke Skywalker needed hours just to lift a noodle with Telekinesis thats even after obi wans brief training on the falcon and all of Old Bens journals, yet Rey lifts at least a dozen tonnes of rock without any strain. Cause in the Rise Of KyloRen comic a half-dead Sidious on life support from Exegol materializes a force storm from across the galaxy to incinerate Luke's temple and all his students. Zombie Sheev was confirmed to be weaker than his ROTS self. It could well have “restored” him and then enhanced his power even more. TLJ Luke by far. Controversial opinion: TLJ Luke was MORE faithful to OT Luke than ROTS Luke was. *I still don't like the non-effect lightsaber they been dishing out in the TVC line with first Rey and now Luke. Re: Valkorion vs Luke Skywalker and Darth Sidious on December 10th 2020, 7:36 am You're making the assumption that everyone called to stop Tenebrae HAD to be there in order to succeed. From what we can gather, Luke is comparable only in theory to the Jedi Masters of the Republic like Mace Windu or Qui-Gon Jinn. Flaming asshole loser Luke vs still a hero beyond death Luke. Takes place on endless, flat neutral ground. ROS Luke was more likeable than TLJ Luke. Luke in TROS learned those lessons and is making sure Rey does not repeat them. Oh gawd you're going to summon The Quanchi!! TROS Luke was the same as Luke from the end of TLJ. That smug look he had while lifting the X-Wing was sooooooo bad. Yeah RoS for days. We want to create an inspiring environment for our members and have defined a set of guidelines. Your also forgetting that every Jedi spirit in history up the point helped, along with this Jedi, to prevent Sidious … TRoS Luke sucks like damn near everything else in TRoS. The strongest Jedi vs the strongest Sith. Jake Skywalker you mean? He won that fight. Kurk. They were all flawed. Close. Ultimately, Kylo's in the best position to evaluate where Sidious, Snoke, Luke, and Rey compare to one another and he repeatedly concludes Sidious is more powerful. Oh sure, the last few scenes were fantastic. Because all this attempting to follow RoS's road map to power scaling seems to be doing, is going around in circles. He was wrong about exile etc. That is what he learned at the end of TLJ. Battle. Luke has never once had anything other than a rash reaction to a force vision and/or threat to his friends. He did come back in the end of TLJ though and also cut himself off from the force so hypothetically he probably didn't know shit was that bad until Rey said some things. And the expectation is that they should live happily ever after and achieve all their goals regardless of what happens. Peak Luke can't even put up a fight against an untrained Rey. save hide report. The shot of him looking ruefully at his lightsaber is supposed to echo the moment from ROTJ where he stares at his robot hand after chopping Vader’s arm off. This I don't disagree with, canon Luke has few if any feats that actually matter in a fight against Sidious. HeartoftheForce. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. He has no business fighting Palpatine. Luke’s scene in Rise felt very tacked in. But don't get me wrong Sidious is ridiculously powerful and if we go by feats he will lol stomp prime canon Luke atm. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. darth_sidious said: They could probably get away with repainting the basic figure and putting a new cloak on it though. He has an arc you know. There is too little content out there relating to Luke, especially in a post-Return Of The Jedi Galaxy, to say whether or not he is more powerful definitively. Sidious was menacing. TESB - Han carbon freeze 9. The ST gave us Leia-Han scenes and Luke-Leia scenes which isn't all that different than TESB and ROTJ (I can't remember any significant Luke-Han interactions in them). Feats, accolades, and intent clearly unite to favor Sidious based on the evidence I provided. Sjuttiosju. Palpatine curb stomps b**** boy weak as f*** TLJ Luke, it's not even a contest since Luke clearly is weak as hell in TLJ due to f***ing quitting to be a jedi and cut himself off from the force. Luke Skywalker wasn't in these movies. I just laughed out loud in the theatre. That's not peak Luke, that's depressed Luke, and he didn't even try and fight. Luke was wrong about the Jedi needing to die. Still, sans dyad, wasn't he harnessing the power of 'all the sith'? Now that he's returned and that self-identifying thing was made about h… Without a doubt, Luke Skywalker is the most famous Jedi of all time. In fact in The Secrets of the Jedi(Luke written book during TLJ), Luke states 1) Darth Sidious permanently scarred his face with his own Force Lightning via Windu's deflected attack 2) Force Lightning could lead to severe injury, disfigurement, and death. I'd say even ROTJ Luke would b**** slap the old and pathetic piece of s*** TLJ Luke is … The camera work and lighting was also really bad. Luke had the potential to surpass Sidious the most powerful Sith ever, yet compared to Rey he looks incompetent. Assuming physical Luke can do all of those things, then Luke “may” be competent enough against Sidious. Sidious took care, still reaching out with the Force. Battle. Kylo senses zombie!Sheev's power is > anyone he's ever sensed before, which includes Luke and Snoke, Zombie!Sheev is able to project himself across time and space in front of Kylo and not die, unlike Luke or Snoke, Zombie!Sheev curbstomps a more powerful Rey and Kylo with the Force, Zombie!Sheev is > Snoke and there is some evidence to indicate Snoke is comparable or stronger than Luke. 10. Lucas' massive franchise has indeed produced some of the most iconic lines; not just in the sci-fi genre, but in films as a whole. On closer inspection, he saw that Plagueis’s already cyanotic flesh was smoothing out, his features relaxing. He did more than. ResetEra Games of the Year 2020 Voting Thread. TLJ Luke vs Palpatine. Start a new thread to share your experiences with like-minded people. Well, he wanted to possess Rey to become "Empress Palpatine." But everything is better than TROS, that movie set a very low low bar. JavaScript is disabled. ... Snoke thought that the big scary power in the force he felt was Luke, but it was in fact Rey. Luke was always reckless and gave in to fear many times in the OT. Does all that extra omph count? and Snoke himself (Who's comparable to ROTJ Palps) seems to imply Luke already beat him before. It’s bad enough that none of them got a happy ending, but would it have really hurt to let the original gang spend a little time together? 1 month, 1 day, 18 hours, 36 minutes, 12 seconds. Re: Prime Luke (Canon) vs. RotS Sidious (Canon) on December 15th 2019, 7:39 am. The whole point of Luke in TLJ wasn't that he just got cynical, but that the Jedi had to change and that tradition isn't always the way to go (Yoda outright tells him so and burns the Jedi texts). But no matter what TLJ might have had, it would have paled in comparison to the greatest lightsaber battle in any Star Wars movie ever! Luke facing down Kylo Ren and the First Order and styling on them in TLJ is easily one of the most badass things he has ever done. Peak disney canon non-dyad sidious and luke. TLJ - Yoda and Luke discussion 8. His Force projection move and send-off was honestly the best direction they could have taken him. This thread is archived. Fudge! No contest here. Archived. He went searching and then....the films don't give you a lot. Let me explain my reasoning: i'm no star wars expert nor i am a fan in general, but i watched the movies, and the luke that tries to murder his nephew in his sleep because of a vision doesnpt sound like the same luke that risked his life to find some good in darth vader. Both sides start 20 meters apart of each other. Is it bad that i dont even remember luke in TROS? RELATED: Star Wars: 10 Biggest Ways Luke Skywalker Changed Throughout The Movies. Star Wars is an endlessly epic saga that's rife with some epic, memorable quotes from its dynamic cast.With the impactful lines from Vader and the Emperor, Yoda's words of wisdom, and Admiral Ackbar's meme-worthy bits, there's no shortage of hits. It’s like all the character development Luke should have had was taken away so they’d have an excuse to bring Yoda back and tell him what he should already know.