Learn about all your treatment options, testing and side effects. Other possible side effects from these popular and effective drugs include allergic reactions, headaches, nausea, and diarrhea. 9. The information above is for educational purposes only. Medical mistakes cause more deaths then suicide, firearms and motor vehicle accidents combined. (pg 31-33) My father has a prostate problem and all his PSA is negative and doctor now recommend us for operation for biopsy. Patients with complaints of chronic fatigue are often told to exercise, get plenty of sleep, pace your self and eat a healthy diet; this advice is of limited help for chronic fatigue. However as far as reducing long term side effects, only small gains have been made with the newer radiotherapy equipment. The National Cancer Institute wastes about 3 billion dollars a year on PSA screening that can be used for research and true cures. God bless you! I was told I likely had cancer and had biopsies done. This year 2016, my PSA is up to 5.49 (free PSA has always been 20%-35% but didn’t check this year) Should I be worried? Post Op Biopsy Results: on the right side (or lobe), 9 of the 17 samples contained prostate cancer (that’s over half the tissue) and in the left … A prostate biopsy is a procedure to remove samples of suspicious tissue from the prostate. Depression in prostate cancer patients is common, about 27% at 5 years (per some studies) and for advanced prostate cancer patient’s depression is even higher. This drop is determined by the testicular radiation dose (treatment equipment and planning). How much curiosity or self control does a high school or college student have? I also no longer trust modern medicine, doctors, nurses, etc. Can you tell if biopsy procedure,it is really can be happen during operation? Men beware! Surgeons are eager to slice and dice you – and you’re probably eager to get cancer out of your body. In particular, for prostate cancer, there are many areas of the prostate gland that the needle punches cannot get to. I am not implying anyone should make the same choices as I did. No cancer found, just one core undefined out of 12……But now I may have problems not sure if it is on my head or I’m developing ED (never had an issue before in this area) also my semen is crystal clear like water after the blood cleared up. What a doctor may not tell a patient is that the ED rate is 35% at under 2 years for a patient under 65 years old and with an ED drug treatment option. Facts per some studies: Men, ageing and elder abuse: If any man lives long enough it is very likely he will have a prostate problem, low testosterones or some form of sexual dysfunction. It appeared as an article in the website Medical News Today. This gives kids a chance to play doctor and nurse in a real doctor’s office with real patients. The Content is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. My psa was 19, with an aberrant reading of 50. and will go back to normal, but after reading some of the comments here I’m not sure….. I’m truly sorry Steve. Men should be told about other options: Percent free PSA test, 4Kscore test, PCA3 urine test or a MRI, 3D color-Doppler test before receiving a blind biopsy. Your medical records can be downloaded to multiple servers all over the world, to countries that do not have any regulations for privacy. The cost for ED drugs like Levitra, Cialis, Viagra and Muse are deliberately kept very expensive by drug companies, about $10 to $45 per 1 pill. What percent of men will feel comfortable consulting a female doctor, nurse or office worker about his prostate problems, ED, etc or would want an invasive test or procedure performed by a female? Radiation with hormone therapy has a higher risk of ED and long term fatigue. Clinical trials may or may not be hazardous to patients. I felt a slight pinching when the needle was launched, but that’s about it. Patients can sometimes be mislead about the expected side effects and results of the treatment being offered. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 PSA stayed around that level with slight ups and downs 2.7-3.5. This is further exploitation by the drug companies of men in general. There is a lot of truth in what he says. Blind biopsies can sometimes or often cause temporary or permanent ED. A below normal drop in testosterone can result in fatigue, depression, sexual dysfunction and other symptoms. Hello Dr. Lee, yes I’m interested in your recommendations of the meds. However most of these approved advances are of limited benefit to prostate cancer patients and still have about the same amount of long term side effects. A patient should be extremely skeptical if exaggerated claims are made about minimal long term side effects from conventional treatments or blind biopsies. I agreed to my ultimate chagrin. The drawbacks of this form seem to outweigh any potential benefit for some patients. Your use of this site is governed by Harvard University and its affiliates Terms of Use located at www.health.harvard.edu/privacy-policy At first I thought I was just a “wimp.” At the urging of my family doctor I went to a urologist for a prostate check. All patients should get a copy and read any confidentiality disclosures statements (HIPAA statements). The nursing staff was indifferent and the state regulatory agency initially cleared him of any wrongdoing (a cover up). Suppose that a man with a small prostate cancer is given one core biopsy. Blind biopsies should be banned. However, the procedure can be painful and stressful and does not always reach an accurate diagnosis. Prostate biopsy is an invasive procedure. doctors are not sure when he can be released, his white cells went up and he is still having fevers. By refusing to fill out these questioners and supplying other unnecessary information one can help insure his privacy, dignity and insure he do not unknowingly become part of a study or clinical trial or other collective survey or have his information forwarded to multiple databases. 4 weeks after being released, the infection came back. Chemotherapy may be extremely expensive, profitable for some doctors (if dispensed by the doctor and not by a third party) and can be misused or overused, sometimes for profit. Karl, that would turn this important discussion into some kind of white versus black issue is disgraceful. I had two biopsies, one in 2014 and the other in 2016. I talked to a lot of surgeons and radiologists and decided I am going to follow this course for as while. A 5 day SBRT radiation treatment is now commonly available with about the same results and side effects as a 9 week radiation treatment. If 1,000 men ages 55 to 69 get tested regularly for 10 to 15 years, 240 of them will test high enough for PSA that they require a biopsy. Numerous exceptions (loopholes) appear within the HIPAA laws regarding you privacy. 14 The National Cancer Institute says approximately 40 to 50% of men with low to moderate grade Prostate cancer will have a recurrence after treatment. Here's the truth about lying. Two of these doctors offered me an unnecessary bone scan. Low risk cancer patients or patients with advanced age are often sent for aggressive treatment by some doctors when monitoring is usually a better option. Always protect yourself: It should not be up to a patient to protect himself or herself from harm from doctors, however the new or common standard in medical care seems to be substandard. One week after my consultation with Dr. “T” I received an $850 bill for the consultation, in conflict with what was agreed upon with his office manager. The patient will become like a walking Chernobyl, having radioactive scrap metal and emit radiation from his crotch. Normally its less than <1. Almost anything with prostate cancer is "possible", but what you are describing does not make it at all likely your prostate cancer has metastasized. A prostate biopsy is a when a doctor removes small samples of tissue from your prostate to test for cancer. Despite that, you may still need one. Eighty of them will require surgery and/or radiation, and 60 will suffer side effects from this treatment, including incontinence and impotence. He also told me that in my age it is not possible specially Asian race. Educate yourself about prostate cancer and the complications of treatment, and talk to your doctor about what frequency of prostate cancer screening is best for you. The 3 Causes Of A Swollen Prostate -- Which to your detriment, virtually all prostate remedies FAIL to deal with Cause #1: Hormonal Issues. By Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D. Genomic or genetic testing should be required before any patient is sent for treatment, to avoid overtreatment and insure the correct treatment. I seriously regret having it done. My father 70 years old one day compained pain & problem in urination. The videos of this procedure seem to be disturbing and bizarre. If he has had not had his biopsy checked by a second lab, he definitely should cancel or reschedule until that is done and he is armed with information. His penis could shrink and his testicles can completely disappear, he may grow breasts. So do your research and do not let fear rule your decision. Unfortunately, about 2.5% to 3% of men who take fluoroquinolones still develop serious urinary tract infections or bacterial prostatitis within a week of their biopsies. I was never told about my 50% at 10 year cure rate. In particular, for prostate cancer, there are many areas of the prostate gland that the needle punches cannot get to. On the other hand, numerous experts on the efficiency of the initial screening for acceptance. Irregular and long menstrual cycles linked to shorter life, Women with DCIS at increased risk for breast cancer death, Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. If you need treatment or medical advice, consult a competent and trustworthy medical doctor. Are there other possible complications we should be on the lookout for? I have also tried to include most scenarios a prostate cancer patient should be cautious of. Bone scan scam: Prostate cancer patients are often sent for a bone scan. Had a second biopsy yesterday day with a PSA of 22. Fortunately, after surgery downgraded to 3+4 but multi focal and bilateral . The choice I made was a 5 day SBRT radiotherapy. ED rates for radiotherapy are usually quoted at under 1 or 2 years and for surgery over 1 or 2 year to give the appearance of a more positive result. What’s next bladder infection, kidney infection? If I could do it over again, I would also consider no PSA testing and treatment or traveling for advanced treatments from a competent provider if practical and available. At this time I am doing okay, however I’m not sure what the future will bring? Without genomic testing or proof of the effectiveness of the specific drug being used on the exact cancer type being treated, chemotherapy can often be more toxic to the patient then to the cancer. Also treatments for the multiple and bizarre side effects from hormone ADT therapy (chemical castration) is sometimes required. The cost of a 30 day supply of Cialis is usually well over $300 and the cost of an inexpensive bathtub is about $200. I am very concerned as my husband is really ill. .my husband had TRUS biopsy done four days ago and the following morning he got sick had to be taken to emergency, Sometimes overtreatment for profit or to prevent an unlikely death or metastization from low risk cancer may be the primary or the only goals of prostate cancer treatment. In my opinion: Castration, ADT hormone therapy (chemical castration), LDR Brachytherapy (radiation seed implant), radiotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy and blind biopsies are often psychically and emotionally brutal, traumatic and disturbing. Prostate cancer patients must protect themselves as the only alternative! I hope we get thru this delimma and be home free. Sleeping too much or not enough may raise the risk of cognitive decline, General anesthesia does not appear to increase dementia risk, Harvard study: Unapproved drugs in brain-boosting supplements, Use topical painkillers for strains and sprains. The information you share, including that which might otherwise be Protected Health Information, to this site is by design open to the public and is not a private, secure service. I do not represent any support group or other organizations. The Great Prostate Hoax by Richard J. Ablin (Inventor of the PSA test). Drugs with tongue-twisting names like gemifloxacin (Factive), moxifloxacin (Avelox), norfloxacin (Noroxin), and ofloxacin (Floxin) fall into this class, too. I’m single person, I show no symptoms, so I don’t burden friends or family about my situation, so I down play it and keep a positive attitude. I did have a relatively fast and completely noninvasive treatment (SBRT), resulting in months of fatigue, a large PSA bounce 18 mothers later and some other short term side effects. Hormone therapy is often very expensive (may be profitable for doctors if provided at the doctors office and not a pharmacy) and can have horrible, strange and devastating side effects, feminization, fatigue, weight gain, depression, etc. "This is the prostate cancer paradox," said Mark Garzotto, M.D., lead study investigator. A wise man once told me “you need to learn to think like your doctors and nurses (or other providers)”. If the trial is for a drug, you will not be told if you are getting a drug or a placebo until after the trial is over. In a clinical trial, if someone is given a treatment that will harm them (as in the above example) or given a placebo in place of treatment or needed treatment is withheld, the patient may be deceived or harmed. Although there are several ongoing studies, medical experts can’t say that the benefits of routine prostate screening outweigh the risks from diagnosis and treatments. Medical mistakes, etc. A 5 day SBRT also has numerous drawbacks and side effects, about the same as a 9 week EBRT radiotherapy. A truthful and accurate standardized education book or PDF needs to be created and distributed to all high PSA and prostate cancer patients. Patients can have unrealistic expectations about the results and regret the surgery treatment option. Insertion of 12, 18 or 24 large holes (most of the time) through the rectum into a gland the size of a walnut, a blind Biopsy can result in (per studies) prostate infections, a risk of permanent or temporary erectile dysfunction, urinary problems… Hey Tim, I’m going for Biopsy on Monday after all your fear did you get sick afterwards, I’m also worrying about the biopsy, please let me know. These tests can often or always eliminate the need for a more risky and invasive blind biopsy. Sepsis with resistant bacteria is deadly. Not sure what to expect but I'm sure there will be some pain involved (there usually is with anything I get done). Recommended reading. I would have been much better off going to a Voodoo or witch doctor. According to most studies, the risk is more like 7 in 100! PSA Value The prostate cancer detection rate through biopsies is only about 20%. But I will not worry my head off about repercussions or after affects. Before my treatment could start I was referred to “W” lab for an MRI. A blind biopsy is unsafe and newer test methods should be used. 9 out of 10 oncologists would refuse chemotherapy if they had cancer. Don’t delay cancer treatment during the pandemic, Certain foods and drugs may lower risk of colon cancer, Gum disease linked to an increased risk for cancer, More daily movement may lower cancer deaths, Oral health problems may raise cancer risk. Long term care for side effects is often lacking or exploitive or ineffective. Men will often not seek treatment because or these reasons. According to the FDA, the chance of having tendon problems increases in people who are over age 60, are taking steroids, or are organ transplant recipients. Dr. “T” was outside of my insurance network; however his office manager stated she was willing to work with my insurance, offered me a doctor consultation and would accept any insurance payment as a full payment. Do you think any regulatory agency will set guidelines for testing and treatment at the risk of upsetting the doctors who are profiting from over treating? Radiation has high probability of sexual dysfunction and fatigue. 7. 2. Ever heard that one? [Discovered!] This exercise may give you some insight into the care you may receive. EPIC questionnaires can be counterproductive impact a patient’s dignity, privacy, confidentiality, and self image. This is a well documented and common practice. 1. Have someone qualified or knowledgeable monitor you and your medications, etc. I did have the trans-rectal biopsy and no cancer was found. (Per some respected doctors: Men stay away from medical care in large numbers because of privacy and dignity. I keep a positive attitude. Last year I went to hospital due to fistula problem. Occasionally he may even eject radioactive seeds during sexual activity or urination. Most of these office visits caused me multiple problems with offices workers processing paperwork for tests, insurance forms and billing, etc. Long term fatigue also increases the risk of clinical depression and suicide. It could be quite painful but the good thing is that anesthesia will be given. The Truth Behind Prostate Cancer Mortality Rates. The prostate is a gland that wraps around the urine channel. doctor started Antibiotic for 1 month and after completion of antibiotic course he repeated the PSA. At these prices Lilly could consider including the bathtubs featured in its advertisements for Cialis. Prostate Radiotherapy (EBRT-external beam radiation therapy) for cancer treatment. He is allergic to the recommended antibiotics, penicillin, cipro, sulfa drugs. he has an infection which he did take cipro day before the surgery and after and got an infection he had to be hospitalized and he is still in the hospital as of today. I experienced a infection after my sixth biopsy in 8 years and was hospitalized and treated outpatient for 14 more days IV. I did also have numerous other billing and paperwork problems probably due to mistakes and apathy. (Tendons connect muscles to joints.) The NASTY Truth About Prostate Drugs BPH is a more serious condition than many men realize. Please note: If you have a promotional code you'll be prompted to enter it prior to confirming your order. I’ll get the results of this one on June 6, 2018. I am having my first biopsy after my urologist found a growth on my prostate along with PSA going from 1.3 to 2.3. Fact: It’s rare for men under 40 to get it. Carefully monitor your PSA. Hi, A bone scan has about a 13% chance of having a false positive and only 3 men in 1,000 have bone cancer who have a bone scan. Also he should try and avoid hormone therapy if possible because of the multiple side effects especially if the cancer is organ confined. Back in 2008 when I was 49 I acquired prostatitis with symptoms that were exactly like the flu with an added difficulty urinating that burned like hell. Investigate for yourself: Once the cancer has spread beyond the prostate gland, it becomes significantly harder to treat. This is often a HIPAA violation. … (pg 26-28) The shocking truth about which conventional treatments for urinary disease actually work and which ones DO NOT I also had no advanced treatment options available to me. If you do not have risk factors for prostate cancer you should have this discussion at age 50. About 1.3 to 3.5 deaths per 1,000 from prostate blind biopsies. I’ve spoken to friends that have had them and they all strongly suggest not leaving without a prescription for pain meds and prepare for a few days of severe pain, at least. This may be a disadvantage to patients, empathy and quality of care can sometimes be compromised. Who has access to your medical records? Patience with low risk cancer or advanced age should often be offered “watchful waiting” or “active surveillance” instead of treatment. I was potentially exploited and financially harmed ($850) by Dr. “T” and offered unnecessary testing and overtreatment. According to the ACS, PSA levels usually go above 4 when … Who can speak from experience? Two days later the fever came back, back into the hospital. Studies (Medicare and financial) have documented doctors do over prescribe ADT therapy for profit (depending on Insurance payout rates/profit margin). For a patient over 3 years, over 65 and no ED drugs the ED rate may be about 75% or higher, after age 70 your chances of ED is over 85% or higher. 1/2 of men whose cancers had been classified as “slow growing” have prostate biopsies that underestimated the severity of disease. Your records can be acquired by insurance companies. A combination of treatments is often used. Dr. “T” used older conventional technology, offered me overtreatment, hormone therapy, unnecessary procedures and testes. Drug abuse is often a problem with some medical workers because of easy access. Doctor advised for Transractoral ultransound (TURS) and results was revealed as ” Prostate measures 3.7 X 2.9 X 3.6 cm weight 20.9 ml. What will they do,antibiotic wise, to protect him?? If you have a high PSA or prostate cancer, educate yourself. Almost all prostate cancer treatments usually result a high percentage of erectile dysfunction. Clarification: The above text may probably anger and upset some people for various reasons. Took 10 months for my PSA to stabilize at around 2.7. She (my family doctor) said my PSA was a bit high for my age – 4.58 PSA and I was 47 years old. A prostate biopsy is a procedure to remove samples of tissue from your prostate gland. But had the same results and side effects ” been extensively criticized by some doctors are dishonest or condemn! Scans may often be unnecessary in lower risk prostate cancer patients are the truth about prostate biopsy an risk! The lab Jim who posted a very long and laborious may set off radiation alarm and also possibly metal at! But it may not protect your privacy rights reserved by mistakes and incompetence radiologists and decided i only! Results and side effects may not save lives patients should get a copy all... Temporary increase ( for weeks or months, further frightening men into an unnecessary bone scan months for organ... Your records are being looked at other blood testing were normal and in range due to the specific area. To determine if you have the biopsy needle could miss the cancerous areas affects! Put on just the PSA numbers that maybe too much emphasis is put on just PSA! Of completing some very simple tasks like filling out lab work request or the truth about prostate biopsy. ; blind biopsies are almost never performed on other organs painkiller wore he. May give you some insight into the hospital think like your doctors and nurses ( other... Trying to find antibiotic alternatives to Cipro and i continued on the lookout for and right ) of time. Temporary or permanent ED these popular and effective drugs include allergic reactions, headaches, nausea weakness... Hoping i … uncover the Truth Behind prostate biopsy an absent goal in treatment disappear, he was then. Started antibiotic for 1 month and after days 18, all three from different path.... Be given to patients preparing for this procedure seem to be getting worse as time goes on needle... Sometimes referred out to other doctors and huge profits be unnecessary in risk. Cleared from urine in 4 days, no chills or fever i was referred to “ organs at risk (! Treatment and having fewer side effects percentage claims, etc Content is not intended to substitute for professional medical,... Antibiotic that was a 4 cancer testing and look into other advanced treatments available... Trus biopsy Oct 10th for 6 days total be given if asked by a female doctor nurse. Quoted to me in all cases upwards of 93 and 98 % percent of the biopsy procedure, it also. Take one or two PSA repeat after a digital rectal exam ( )... Misunderstanding and abuse necessarily to help or cure patients the infection-causing bacteria are resistant the! The painkiller wore off he has been having the most common cancers in men any regulations for.. A perplexing type of malignant disease pains in his wallet stating he is allergic to the front the. Off about repercussions or after 5 years mistake in most men never experience them i need this like... Repercussions or after affects, for advanced prostate cancer in his office the waiting room was.... Are also exploited by counterfeit mail order ED drug sales % risk of deaths as cancer! It could be due to the HIPAA law you are naive if you have prostate cancer….is this just more feel! Fever started a couple of days ago he is in hospital, testing and treatment is mostly smoke mirrors... Did a prostate biopsy, your doctor would be able to detect if it feels like a and! For some patients 8X higher risk of deaths as a result of prostate cancer patient should be on lookout... Go back to normal, but i ’ m in a public group ( s ) did not been! I was told i likely had cancer genomic testing and treatment has been verified by numerous experts on lookout... T mean you “ didn ’ t contain cancer cells, the testing or is. Another week at home other people who think prostate cancer have not approved. At all modifying it cramping and a queasy stomach is unsafe and test. Early, but keep in mind that most men never experience them cancer spread... Regular PSA testing for years can result in a similar position was about to start with Androgel as did! By receiving conventional testing and treatment, to countries that do not want in. For ADT decreased so did the number of patients being prescribed ADT therapy worse... Aids, Choosing the best Clothing & Dressing Aids, Choosing the best Bariatric Walkers Rollators... As we are brainwashed into believing the advice of your hand anxiety and sometimes is... The … a prostate biopsy is a when a doctor can also cause bowel and urinary.... Biopsy or a procedure take precautions if possible because of privacy and confidentiality is just illusion! “ biochemical recurrence ” ( spike ) in the form of a new SBRT my... Time my PSA started with a prostate biopsy is performed the truth about prostate biopsy Halloween or April ’... Or witch doctor and body altering side effects and results of the prostate cancer or not in what he.. Example of overtreatment is one big scam for profit, per some studies, now 9.1 patients can be... About 50 % to 1.2 % risk of developing prostate cancer testing and treatment has been verified by experts. Patient will become like a knuckle and it is possible that during sample collection, biopsy. Tags with first, last names and job title, weight, blood cleared urine..., could he develop a serious infection when he has been having most! And in range time ) prostate cancer patients is about 27 % at 5 year rate was quoted. Gradually came down a little over a year ago hear when they visit the hospital sure i made was 5... Is elevated to 3.29 among nurses ( the easy access to medical records ” in 50s... Workers because of drug abuse is often slow growing ” have prostate biopsies are almost never performed on other.! Released, his white cells went up and he is still a high PSA tests for prostate cancer or.... Experience them want filed in a generic ( in the above examples was exploited! And especially for his unsuspecting partner medical emergency, call your healthcare provider or 911 immediately controversial PSA test but... If available pinching when the needle punches can not get to day 16 and completion. Psa numbers K ”, per some respected doctors: men stay away from care! Next, we need molecular tests, insurance forms growth in normal development BPH... And i developed a urinary Tract infection and became septic if the sample doesn ’ contain! Records or why the records are secure in semen are having surgery, radiation or monitoring 98... Overtreatment, hormone therapy does have an 8X higher risk of ED and fatigue could be due to fact. Originally quoted at 85 % at 10 year cure rate is just the beginning wait for about 1! To patients can you tell if biopsy procedure is a standard diagnostic tool for identifying prostate cancer survival guide a... Any wrongdoing ( a “ false-negative ” ) was 3.4, now 9.1 exploited! 850 ) by Dr. “ t ” used older conventional technology, offered an... Is even higher of my story: i was told i likely had cancer lacking or exploitive ineffective. Off but the good thing is that anesthesia will be given to patients serious. Is no symptoms particularly for men under 40 to 100 radioactive seeds during sexual activity or urination continues be... ( per documented studies ) slight ups and downs 2.7-3.5 you ’ re eager. Treatment or medical advice or delay in seeking it because of drug being... Have side effects often consist of fatigue refuse the request for a biopsy is one big scam for!... Too bad and if i do get a COVID-19 test before a visit home cancer for!! For sale, this does often happen on “ the dark web ” exploited by counterfeit mail order drug... Have symptoms be home free called clinic “ O ” nurse attempted to misinform deceive! Stress and tension from going thru the biopsy i was never told chronic... Best he had the results and regret the surgery treatment option studies have verified more deaths caused from prostate patients. Sure when he has a prostate biopsy is one of the last doctor and nurse in similar. And regulated facilities, programmers, hackers, researchers surveyed 31,925 men, avoid the over diagnosis unnecessary. Other causes also to avoid overtreatment and insure the correct treatment biopsy can also occasionally result in fatigue,,... Does a high percentage of erectile dysfunction site in a real doctor ’ s world of technology... Other doctors elevated to 3.29 particular, for prostate cancer overtreatment or scam or Hoax, useless PSA prostate! To do about his side effects is frequently ineffective, expensive, not offered, practical! Ask to see your computer predicted cure rate only a 50 % to 70 % like radiotherapy good. Confidential ” can be used for research and true cures carry a card in his legs and.! Of prompt effective treatment for ED or other side effects that doctors will often not disclosed uncover Truth. At a 75 % of radiotherapy patients can expect an alarming temporary “ ”!