York College Online offers a flexible format … Ranked one of the top 10 Psychology programs in Canada by Maclean’s magazine and among the top 100 in the world (QS World University Rankings 2019), students can choose from a wide variety of study topics such as autism, eating disorders, bullying, developmental, social and rehabilitation psychology, motivation, neuroscience, depression and more. York University … Join a bilingual campus with small class sizes to develop your confidence in English and French, a key competitive advantage for work in government, law or the Canadian Foreign Service. Career paths include: English teacher, editor, author. Career paths include: teacher, principal, education policy adviser. Osgoode produces original and significant legal scholarship, and opens students' minds to the many ways in which they can make a difference. Complete qualifications in one of the most extensive ranges of Intermediate-Senior teachable subjects in the province. Whether you are designing innovative transportation systems, creating earthquake-resilient buildings or protecting our natural and built environment, civil engineers make the world safer and more efficient. Career paths include: lawyer, police officer, community outreach worker. Career paths include: banker, financial analyst, strategic planner. Career paths include: financial analyst, accountant, brand manager. professional designation. Career paths include: international human rights worker, refugee and migrant advocate, trade union equity officer. Learn a critical approach that enables you to appreciate cultural diversity and function effectively in a globalized world. The new Master of Conference Interpreting (MCI) program at Glendon seeks to prepare a new generation of … Career paths include: radiation scientist, forensic scientist, medical imaging specialist. Career paths include: human rights activist, legislative assistant, lobbyist. Career paths include: consultant, corporate financial manager, investment banker. courses including Global Health Governance and Leadership; Global Health Examine the nature of thought, memory, perception and language in a variety of courses, including philosophy, psychology, linguistics, information technology and computer science. The Social Work program at York is unlike any other. View Washington State University rankings for 2021 and see where it ranks among top colleges in the U.S. Software Engineering is valuable in systems at all scales and applications, from lightweight embedded internet-of-things devices to massive data centres. Challenge yourself with a customized program of study that allows you to choose courses across the University. Prepare for academic and hybrid careers in a world connected through moving images. Internationally renowned as one of Canada's largest and most distinguished law schools, Osgoode Hall Law School offers students an extraordinary legal education. Part of the State University of New York system, the Fashion Institute of Technology offers 600 online classes and two fully online degrees. Our students may have answered some of those questions for you in our FAQ section. Join our more than 40,000 students studying in hundreds of programs on six continents all around the globe. Explore the world of chemistry as it expands and advances. Explore some of life’s deepest questions concerning the nature of the mind, the requirements of justice, the limits of knowledge and the meaning of freedom. York College. Join the only Hellenic Studies program in Ontario and explore the history and culture of Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean in the ancient and modern periods. Add depth to your degree with a certificate in GIS & Remote Sensing. Career paths include: industrial physicist, photonics scientist, laser technician. Career paths include: pharmacological chemist, air-quality specialist, polymer materials specialist. York, Keele Campus Career paths include: physician, nurse, policy analyst/advisor, health manager/clinic director, researcher, teacher, lawyer, health systems planner, health educator/promoter, information/systems integration specialist, communications specialist. A highly-interactive series of credit-bearing modules, exploring both creative writing, and literary theory, and encompassing the writing of fiction, scripts and poetry. Students explore these and other major issues through core Designed to foster strategic thinking by drawing on proven leadership tools to make innovative vision an operational reality, with a particular focus on innovation and change management. Put your new skills to work with a fourth-year capstone project and a media-industry field placement. We have two dozen online Master’s degrees and more on the way. Deepen your knowledge on political movements in society and on the power relations of life. Discipline. Improve your capacity to influence, contribute to or lead the international development agenda at local, national or international levels. As of March 16, 2020, all York University English Language Institute programs will be delivered 100% online. University of York, Learn how a laser can aid drug delivery and how DNA can improve light-emitting diodes. Course Technology. Join our internationally recognised Department to conduct research in a wide range of educational issues. Learn about the changing role of gender and women in societies around the world. In the final year, spend three days a week on a placement working with experienced social workers. Career paths include: editor, novelist, poet. Career paths include: editor, interpreter, teacher. (416) 736-2100, Business Economics / Économie et commerce, Canadian Business for Internationally Educated Professionals, Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Public History, Cultural and Artistic Practice for Environmental and Social Justice, Culture, Communication & Leadership in Canadian Business, Discipline of Teaching English as an International Language (D-TEIL), Drama and Creative Arts / Théâtre et arts visuels, Ecosystem Management - York/Fleming Joint Program, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Engineering & International Development Studies, Environmental Management & Technology - York/Seneca Joint Program, Fitness Assessment & Exercise Counselling, Gender & Women's Studies / Études des femmes et de genre, Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing, Human Resources Management for Internationally Educated Professionals, Information Technology Auditing & Assurance, Information Technology for Internationally Educated Professionals, International Development - York/Humber Joint Program, International Studies & Business Administration / Études internationales et administration des affaires, International Studies / Études internationales, Law & Social Thought / Droit et pensée sociale, Leadership and Community Engagement (MLCE), Linguistics & Language Studies / Linguistique et sciences du langage, Nursing: Post-RN for Internationally Educated Nurses, Postsecondary Education: Community, Culture & Policy, Proficiency in Spanish for Business and Professional Communication, Refugee & Migration Studies / Études sur la migration et sur les réfugiés, Sexuality Studies / Études sur la sexualité, Spanish (Hispanic Studies) / Études hispaniques, Spanish-English Translation / Traducción ingles-espanõl, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Urban Sustainability - York/Seneca Joint Program. Current York students may complete the requirements of the certificate while they pursue degrees in other York programs. Explore key concepts, methodologies and strategies used by emergency-management professionals while honing your ability to analyze and think critically. Equipped with communications and problem-solving skills, our bilingual, business-trained graduates have a professional edge in the workplace. Online Graduate Degrees. All Locations. Heslington, Review Graduate Program details of Conference Interpreting Online from York University. For home astronomers: an opportunity to gain a formal postgraduate qualification in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Explore Jewish texts, thought, belief, history, cultures, sociologies, languages and fine arts from Biblical times to the present. Career paths include: artificial intelligence specialist, sign-language interpreter, neurolinguist. In the BA degree liberal arts courses complement your Computer Science study and in the BSc you’ll take other science courses such as physics, chemistry, and biology. Osgoode’s Graduate Program is innovative, creative, ... York University Ignat Kaneff Building 4700 Keele Street Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3 Canada . Discover how to develop answers to these questions and how to engage in fruitful arguments with alternative points of view. Explore a variety of artistic media—painting, sculpture, print media, drawing, photography and interdisciplinary art—before choosing your specialties. in Education. York’s Psychology program ranks among the top 10 programs for psychology in Canada according to Maclean's magazine (2020) and among the top 100 programs in the world according to the QS World University … There are many online graduate degree and certificate programs at NYU. Learn More. Of that, the distance learning opportunity (online degrees/courses) is given to 72 major programs - 4 Associate, 6 … York University is an online school where students can take courses around their schedules and work towards completing their degree. Career paths include: hospital tertiary care provider, home healthcare provider, community health nurse, healthcare manager. 1125 E 8th St York, NE 68467 1-800-950-YORK … Concentrate your studies on one religious tradition or take a comparative approach. Career paths include: community health advocate, health care worker, public health officer. Understand the body on molecular, cellular, and macro levels, and how this knowledge can help prevent and treat illness. Learn about protecting the largest of databases to the smallest of IoT devices. Online students have access to 24/7 technology support, free online tutors, and a writing lab. Gain the knowledge and skills to match information technology products and services with business goals. Study at times that fit your schedule as long as you complete the assignments on time. Top off your degree with a Certificate in Meteorology. Career paths include: ecologist, invasive-species biologist, conservation biologist. Combine solid classroom learning with hands-on practical and laboratory analysis, geographical information systems, remote sensing, and research design. Career paths include: financial analyst, investment banker, accountant. The programmes are taught and studied entirely online, which means that they can be studied and completed from home, without any disruption to teaching provision or learning activities. York University Background. Our students produce internationally recognised research as part of our top-rated research groups. This is the only program in Mathematical Biology at the undergraduate level in Canada. Follow one of three program streams: Game Arts, Digital Media Arts or Digital Media Development. Give yourself time to think about your future by taking courses from a variety of subjects before identifying your major. Explore all our high-demand online programs. ... Best Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in the U.S. –U.S. Complete your teacher qualification with a BEd from York. This fully online programme provides you with the core computer science skills of computational thinking, computational problem solving and software development. Career paths include: diplomat, non-governmental organization worker, public servant. By studying the past, deepen your understanding of the present and acquire the skills necessary to succeed in today’s world: critical thinking and analysis, research, and effective oral and written communication. Take courses in French and English within three concentrations: Communication, Culture & Society; Organizations & Communication; and Technology & Communication. Online methods for receiving services are posted on related websites and some are listed below. Throughout the programs, you will have opportunities to join the creative, acting and/or productions teams of department productions under the mentorship of faculty and guest artists, mirroring the kinds of experiences you will have in the professional world. Educating nearly 468,000 students in more than 7,500 degree and certificate programs both on campus and online, SUNY has nearly 3 million alumni around the globe. Learn a wide variety of topics in pure mathematics and engage in one-on-one research projects with individual faculty members. In Space Science you'll explore planetary space environments. Online Certificates. Strike a balance between technical analysis and skill-building, with application to real-world problems: learn about management, international labour markets, the fundamentals of economic theory and more. You will be immersed in all aspects of theatre, fostering the ability to specialize or to assume a wide range of roles and apply various approaches to performance. Career paths include: sexologist, public policy analyst, corporate advisor. At a top-ranked global university in the fastest growing city in the U.S., students learn not just the rule of law but also develop the intellectual tools, problem-solving skills and ethical … You’ll learn about topics such as cryptography, vulnerabilities and penetration testing, attack detection, Career paths include: network security professional, computer forensics expert, cryptographer, information security analyst. The PhD in Education by distance learning is designed to enhance specialised knowledge through academic study and research. The intention of the Bursary Program is to supplement, not replace, a student’s primary sources of funding such as OSAP, government assistance from other provinces, employment, and parental/spousal support. the fastest growing, in-demand occupations in Canada, growing by more Choose from courses in biochemistry, molecular genetics and cell biology, zoology, physiology, plant science, evolution and ecology. Join the only bilingual Communications program in Southern Ontario to prepare to meet a global industry need for qualified bilingual communications professionals with an international perspective. Uses include the diagnosis and treatment of disease and the improvement of agricultural crops and productivity. Improve your French communication and practice what you’ve learned on exchange with our unique iBA at Sorbonne or other universities. Delve into an exciting intersection of physics and biology, where techniques of physics are applied to biological processes. Learn mathematical modeling and use computer simulations and data analysis to solve real-world problems in areas such as epidemiology, high speed computing, climate change, energy storage, and mathematical finance. By applying economic theory to business management, learn the analytical and decision-making techniques used in business, and come to understand the public and private institutional environments within which businesses operate. Majors. We prepare our students for their long-term career and personal success. New York University′s online programs are among more than 1,200 programs surveyed by U.S. News. Join Glendon, the Centre of Excellence for French Language and Bilingual Postsecondary Education, for the ideal bilingual setting to study French language, literature, linguistics and culture. Career paths include: lawyer, political strategist, activist. Career paths include: international relations expert, lawyer,  For details of fees and how to apply, see the course pages on Department websites. The university also has one of the largest study abroad programs in the United States and sends more students overseas each year than any other higher education institution in the nation. The Hybrid Executive LL.M. Examine the world’s most critical issues, like resource depletion, human migration, globalization, geopolitics, social inequality and others. Online Doctoral Program. Focus on the Portuguese-speaking world across all continents, including immigrant communities. career goals. Career paths include: microbiologist, virologist, physician. Discover What Washington State University Online … Developing your capacity to understand and respond strategically to humanitarian needs in complex operational contexts, reflect critically on contemporary humanitarian issues and challenges at the headquarter and field levels, and design evidence-based policy. Focusing on how the policy process and delivery of services are linked, develop your understanding of how policy is made, implemented and evaluated, and the key issues of managing public services. Take the unique pathway that blends English and Professional Writing programs. including wealth disparity, environmental degradation, government policy … Join our internationally recognised centre for art historical study, ranked first for research impact and environment in the UK. Career paths include: social policy worker, journalist, social advocate. Designed for teachers currently working in schools and other educational settings, this course will enhance your understanding of educational practice. Learn to question, analyze and creatively reflect on the wide range of media systems and communication technologies that permeate professional and everyday lives. Join Canada’s first International Studies program to develop your understanding of international society while studying diplomacy, foreign policy and international law, development, organizations and cultures. Examine the changing world order in its economic and political forms. Career paths include: editor, writer, public relations officer. Career paths include: human rights officer, social policy researcher, non-governmental organization executive director. Learn about Gender and Women’s studies from an international perspective within our inclusive, progressive, dual-campus community. Career paths include: development officer, foreign affairs worker, educator, human resources specialist. Online computer science programs in New York offer degree seekers an opportunity to earn the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to build a successful, lucrative career. Career paths include: botanist, physician, cancer researcher. Focus on theoretical, scientific and philosophical knowledge of caring and respect for patients’ values and choices. Career paths include: civil services professional, human resource professional, tourism specialist. Career paths include: neuroscientist, speech pathologist, educator. Examine how globalizing economies shape illness and health care, and learn to appreciate the role played by social forces and cultural change in shaping individual well-being. Higher education at any level makes learners valued, attractive assets for New York tech start-ups in diverse areas like web and application development, programming, information security, and systems administration. Career paths include: physician; physiotherapist; chiropractor; registered kinesiologist; recreation/sports manager; teacher; researcher. M.A. . The University of York would like to reassure you that all of our online Masters programmes are continuing as normal and on schedule. EDUCATION (BEd) 5 th Avenue Theatre’s Kelsey Thorgalsen directs. York University York is committed to giving a broad demographic of students access to a high-quality, research-intensive learning environment committed to the public good. Seize opportunitiesin French languageeducation, Jewish teacher education, Indigenous education and a formal Specialization in International Education. Career paths include: educator, journalist, lawyer. Career paths include: cultural institution worker, diplomat, educator. No matter where you live and work, the effective written communication of ideas, knowledge and opinion is indispensable. Box 42 | Undergrad. Develop social awareness and a sense of social responsibility relating to Indigenous issues. Learn mathematical modelling and represent biological processes using the tools and techniques of applied mathematics. Learn to identify and comprehend different forms of religious experience and examine the history, development and role of religion in today’s multicultural and secular world. Join our personalized, hands-on program in the growing field of financial risk management and learn to foretell an uncertain future. Select the session below and your Faculty/program. Enhance your degree with a co-op or an industrial internship. Accreditation- The graduate program should be accredited by either the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) or the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). Providing the fundamental tools and theories of finance and training in financing longer-term corporate projects by developing a holistic view of the opportunities and risks present in financial markets. Learn how major systems of the atmosphere, biosphere, water and landforms interact, and how human activity affects these systems. Our investment in online education is expanding opportunities for successful degree completion, program growth, and … How do age, class, gender, ethnicity, race, religion and other categories of difference, identity and power impact sexuality? Career paths include: educator, social worker, community service worker. Acquire or improve your proficiency in the French language and develop the critical-thinking skills. The Department's distance learning PhD is a three-year full-time or six-year part-time course. It is designed to prepare you for roles in the high-growth computer science and cyber security sectors. Apply theory to life through courses at both York campuses and hands-on involvement in organizations including our Women & Trans Centre, the Centre for Human Rights, student-run advocacy organizations GLgbt* and TBLGAY and more. Indiana University--Bloomington (Kelley) Bloomington, IN #1 in MBA Programs (tie). Designed to meet your needs as educators in medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and other health professions. Contact us. The State University of New York. Engage in outdoor fieldwork. Gain key administrative, management and leadership skills while learning how government works in theory and practice. Explore local and global issues of human rights and equity, including the denial of rights to education, health services, freedom of speech, economic security and political safety. Fees are subject to increase in subsequent years but this increase will be set at a maximum of 2% in each year. Career paths include: IT project manager and consultant, application developer, systems analyst. New Ways to Contact Us ... My program details — Check details of the program I am pursuing. Train intensively in Canada’s only undergraduate screenwriting degree program. The certificate program is also open to students who have already completed a university degree program. --Information on FGS during COVID-1 9--Welcome to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at York University.Since 1963, we have provided essential support for students, staff, and faculty in York’s graduate programs, fostering excellence in teaching and research. Learn beyond the traditional medical model. year 10-week work placement with community health care providers and organizations provides valuable hands on experience. Possible career paths include scientific computing, epidemiologist and financial analyst. Career paths include: data scientist, database statistician, financial analyst, marketing analyst, and biostatistician. Learn from real space missions, starting with initial concept design to hardware and software design, manufacturing, testing and in-orbit operations. NYU is a campus without borders - online courses, degrees, and certificates allow faculty, programs, and the University to reach new learners across the U.S. and around the world. A fully online programme designed to develop core computer science and data analytics skills and knowledge, with specialisms including machine learning, data analytics, data mining and text analysis - delivered via specialised modules and an independent data analytics project. Career paths include: foreign service officer, international development worker, language educator. As a student in Financial & Business Economics, benefit from a rigorous quantitative and analytical economic approach with practical business applications. Founded in 1886, the Graduate School of Arts and Science at NYU is among the oldest schools offering doctoral programs … Career paths include: public servant (local, regional, provincial, national and international), public sector manager, policy analyst. In Geomatics Science you'll study about Earth's gravity field, modern geophysics, satellite geodesy, and surveying. Specialize in Physics, Applied Physics or Astronomy & Astrophysics, and make your studies come alive with an internship or undergraduate research. The University reserves the right to alter the level of fee. Be part of a community that is producing new ways of thinking about sex, gender and sexuality. Question preconceived assumptions. The City University of New York. Career paths include: investment and financial analyst, professional accountant, human resource adviser. Career paths include: advertising and marketing professional, corporate communications specialist, technical writer. Combine the critical study of evolving technologies and new media platforms with opportunities to engage in hands-on media making. JOHN JAY COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE. Enjoy exchange programs in Quebec and France. Online Courses NYU is a large institution with 59,000 students, nearly 8,000 full-time faculty, and over a thousand kinds of degrees and certificates. The Department's distance learning PhD is a three-year full-time or six-year part-time course in either subject area, depending on topic. Build on the foundational knowledge gained in your first year with an area of concentration in either Environmental Management, Urban & Regional Environments, or Environmental Politics, Justice & the Arts. Tel: The new Certificate in Risk Management prepares working professionals for risk manager and risk management analyst positions. Study conservation biology, ecology and animal behaviour in our small classes with direct access to a living lab in our own forested “backyard.” Career paths include: marine biologist, research associate, environmental planning specialist. What is sexuality in varying transnational and global contexts? Career paths include: economist, market analyst, policy adviser. As with all of York University’s online programs, the doctoral programs … WSU is also recognized by The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education for their research efforts. Work closely with professors and fellow students in small class sizes while gaining applied experience through a practicum and other employment opportunities at our affiliates, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care and Sunnybrook Hospital. Explore our interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning, gain analytical, research and management skills. Admissions. Health Informatics (the importance of data, new technologies and Career paths include: interpreter, marketing specialist, human rights advocate. Career paths include: archivist, author, archeologist. Career paths include: actuary, financial analyst, financial risk analyst. York University’s Doctoral programs are fashioned to produce more knowledgeable leaders and thinkers. Start with foundational courses in production and screenwriting, then advance to specialized courses in cinematography, editing, sound, directing, and production management and design. Explore practical applications of museum and gallery studies, with hands-on access to original works of art. York's Psychology program offers the largest and most diverse selection of courses available at any Canadian university. Pick one of the three BScN options: York-Seneca-Georgian Collaborative Nursing, Second- Entry Nursing and the Post-RN Internationally Educated Nurses program. York is a member of the prestigious Russell Group of research-intensive UK Universities. Career paths include: biomanufacturing scientist, regulatory affairs officer, agricultural product researcher. Blend foundational knowledge and applied skills to explore intriguing topics such as computer systems that mimic human vision or mine data for useful information. Are you fascinated by science but not yet ready to choose a specific path? Career paths include: policy analyst, community worker, land claims negotiator. In the Health Studies program, students Be part of the dialogue on foreign and security policy, war and conflict, global poverty and new social movements. Career paths include: geospatial 3 D mapping and modelling specialist, navigation engineer, cadastral land surveyor. Focus on cinema and media history, theory and criticism, and related media-rich arts like gaming and social media. Career paths include: development engineer, international project planner. A unique opportunity to gain detailed and practical knowledge of the history, use, care and conservation of parish churches. Thinking of a career in health but not sure you want to be a doctor or a nurse?