While it’s time for graduation again, let’s have a look at the can’t miss graduation speeches of all time. Al Pacino – Any Given Sunday Speech. Donald Trump’s First Comments Since … Believe In Yourself – Inspirational Speech – Transcript: Why is it we don’t believe it ourselves? “Work your ass off.” Schwarzenegger then discusses how having a goal was so … Speech: SpongeBob: I guess you're right, Plankton. SpongeBob and Patrick Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy, https://spongebob.fandom.com/wiki/The_SpongeBob_SquarePants_Movie/transcript?oldid=3433772, [At the Surface, David arrived near Bikini Atoll Island just below Bikini Bottom]. Jim Morrison said that during an interview. Graduation speech is the highlight of a commencement. This list is organized by presenter name and then speech topic. When … It’s not just about having a library of motivational speeches but knowing how to use them to get maximum effect. bl.uk. We can all learn from one another. 25. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Famous Motivational Speech. The scene where Will Smith gives an inspirational speech to his son is one of my favorite movie scenes ever. Reply. Stand For Everything That You Believe In - Inspirational Speech Whatever you believe in: LIVE THAT. Read the full transcript right here on Rev.com. Jump to: navigation, search. Virus is the pilot episode of SpongeBob: Infection, the first out of the thirteen episodes in season one. Transcripts of Famous Inspirational Speeches. (The scene begins with a karaoke set playing) Peck: 1, 2, 3! Sports have created some of the best motivational speeches ever. Best Sports Motivational Speeches. On each page, you'll find a full transcript of the speech as well as some additional background information. I'm here every week. on. [walks to her living room] But not before checking my motivational Quote-a … SpongeBob: And you know, I've been through a lot in the past six days, five minutes, twenty-seven-and-a-half seconds. Who would be your dream celeb to give one? Transcript: SpongeBob's Speech as Hall Monitor, http://en.spongepedia.org/index.php?title=Transcript:_SpongeBob%27s_Speech_as_Hall_Monitor&oldid=167058. Quote: “Words will always retain their power.” #4. Jim Carrey, 2014 Maharashi University of Management . The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie2. Plankton: That's right. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Austrian-American actor, entrepreneur, politician, and former My Olympia, is next up on our list of the most famous motivational speeches for entrepreneurs. The Speech (1m ) 37,059 views ~by Josh Words of Wisdom from an Unemployed Over-Achiever (5m ) 21,958 views ~ by Ed A Song about the Office of … We bring to you one of the greatest inspirational speeches ever seen on screen. valdosta.edu. Click the links below to jump to a specific speech. You want something, go get it. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Spongebob Squarepants Movie. File Format. Read ten famous items. Sample Inspirational Speech. School of Rock. Tom Brady – Best Motivational Video To Prove Haters Wrong. How to Use Motivational Speeches. You can’t have a list of inspirational speeches and not include this one! Breathe some inspiration into your day with the following quotes. He was doubted from the moment he walked into the NFL combine. That's what I am. But that's okay. "The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water" From SpongePedia, the First SpongeBob Wiki. Donald Trump Alamo, Texas Speech Transcript January 12: 25th Amendment “Zero Risk to Me” 1 week ago. I hope everyone on the planet watches this video and feels as I do. This is a transcript of Krabby Land (DoraBob ExplorerPants) . Being an Entrepreneur is tough. Sam Lisker. SpongeBob: And to my public, all I can say is I’m touched. It never fails to tug at my heart strings, fill me with compassion and inspire me to keep striving to be better. As far as inspirational speeches go, Michelle Obama’s speech is very actionable. And if I've learned anything during that time, It's that you are who you are. First I have to make my speech. 1 Backpack: [sitting at the counter] Si. Most inspirational graduation speeches of 2015. [matthew mcconaughey’s incredible motivational speech] [matthew david mcconaughey:] source: lybio.net i’m going to talk to you about some things that i’ve learned in my journey most from experience, some of them i’ve heard in passing, many of them i’m still practicing, but all of them i do believe are true. Inspirational speeches would often include success and uplifting stories and real-life situations and experiences that the speaker thinks the people listening to it will be moved and inspired to do greater and better things in their life. The below are what we’ve decided to be the 5 best motivational speeches of all time, that were spoken in movies. Given below is an excerpt from this historic speech: Two thousand years ago the proudest boast was ‘Civis Romanus sum [I am a Roman citizen]’. This page was last modified on 5 February 2017, at 01:14. This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants film, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, which aired on November 19, 2004. No matter what is thrown at you in life, you can use these speeches to stay motivated. So yeah, I'm a kid. And I'm also a goofball. That as soon as things get tough in our lives we start doubting ourselves We start thinking that we may not make it Stressing, worrying, imagining things that may go wrong in the future. We all have days we don't want to get out of bed. The final curtain call. Full transcript of Barack Obama’s Inspirational Speech – An Advice to Entrepreneurs. SpongeBob: [puts on his hat] Well, time to punch that … Mr. Krabs is in his office with an adding machine, singing.] You can help The Parody Wiki by expanding it. July 29, 2016 by Tyler Poole. He's the fabulous guy. Mrs. Now, great individuals are trying to make a difference through that specific method. To end this article is a summary of Steve Jobs 2005 speech entitled “How to Live Before You Die”. I'm your poultry man. 5. Details. This list is organized by presenter name and then speech topic. And a wing nut. Harvard University, 2012. Are you ready to start exploring the best motivational speeches that will make you act? Educate Inspire Change. Puff: You can’t make this easy, can you? Highlights: 1945-79. Famous Speeches and Great Talks. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, “The Danger of a … Regardless of the fact that these speeches are meant to motivate, there are ways to use them to bring fast and effective results else they wouldn’t have any effect on your team. Please log in to get the full benefit of SpongePedia. 20. This article is a stub. It can motivate you to approach your daily activities with new fervor and enthusiasm. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water3. Anyone Who Doesn’t Love The Real You Is Not Meant For You. This little speech has floated around the internet as an email forward or motivational graphic for a few years now. Voila! Listen to the MP3 Audio: Barack Obama Inspirational Speech . Dora: [reads the newspaper while sipping a drink] Ah, I don't know how you do it, Backpack, but that's the best cup of Hot Chocolate I've ever had. We apologize for any inconvenience.You are not logged in. At age 15, she was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman. Puff. 1. Mrs. He starts his motivational speech with a simple, powerful message. Share; Tweet ; I’ve lost count of the number of times I have watched this video. Inspiration helps propel people forward. 6 years ago. Speeches #1 SPEECH (pages 2-5) “Give Us the Ballot,” Address at the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom May 17, 1957, Washington, D.C. Mr. Chairman, distinguished platform associates, fellow Americans: Three years ago … SpongeBob: [sniffles] We did all right for a couple of goofballs. former marine biologist science teacher then went to school to study cartooning He was a fry cook at a sea food reasteraunt Good Bad Pineapples and Tiki's are usually used in a tropical place. gwhiz Dec 11th 2008 10:03 am # my favorites are henry v, network, and rudy. Speeches-USA presents The Speech Vault printable speech transcripts SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series. Let your voice be heard and never give up your freedom, no matter what. The crazy thing about this inspirational speech is that it’s a true story! Back then, motivational speeches were not a big thing. Inspirational speeches can guide you to keep performing at your best and drive your team to achieve their goals. If you’re unfamiliar with this speech, it was given by Bryan Dyson, the former CEO of Coca Cola, as a commencement address at Georgia Tech in 1996. Okay, Neptune, time to kill. If you don’t see your favorite speech on this list, leave a comment after reading! You may also see inspirational speeches for more examples of these kinds of speeches. Pig and Freddy: Poultry man. A Poem; Speechs. Doing anything that doesn't conform to the corporate 9-5 structure is tough. On each page, you'll find a full transcript of the speech as well as some additional background information.