They are really interesting and a little unnerving. . So we then proceeded to search out the Immigration office in Tijuana, NOT and easy thing to do! This is overdue but we made it to La Paz Saturday, September 1st. Just look at the number of shrines along the road, reminders of the need to pay attention while driving. By driving during the daylight hours you’ll avoid putting yourself at risk of robbery and hitting wild animals, but you’ll also make the most of the beautiful scenery. No big deal, it was on our way. Oops! Almost every bad curve has at least one, some two or three. Having a flat along the road may mean setting in a very dangerous situation. ), it is a quant town with a central square and about 700 inhabitants. But we did spend our first three hours in Mexico as illegal immigrants! We were successful in finding it after many false starts only to learn they don't actually process immigrants there (? ©2010-2021 | - Travel Guide to the Baja California Peninsula | No part of this website may be reproduced without our written consent. 914 miles from Tijuana to La Paz through some of the most amazing country we've seen. Craig would pull the driver side mirror in each time we went by a semi. We only saw police in the towns. We had read about these and were somewhat apprehensive as to what to expect. Watch out for topes! 914 miles from Tijuana to La Paz through some of the most amazing country we've seen. Th boulder fields were beautiful and the variety of cactus just mind blowing. Mexico's Baja Peninsula is one of the last wild frontiers accessible by car from the US and Canada. This means that you should carefully plan your trip to make sure that you arrive at your planned destination of the day, before nightfall. Mexico is using a national “stoplight” system to rate the COVID and safety levels in the country region by region. The roads are often narrow, isolated, in disrepair or under construction, or being crossed by cattle or horses, and likely some combination of the above. They were driving through Mexicali and obeying all of the posted signs. In 2018, Yucatan peninsula safety was called into question with explosions in Puerto del Carmen along the Riviera Maya. It usually takes the form of pick pocketing or purse snatching … You should learn to expect turns (in either direction) from any lane on the road. September 2018 I was driving throughout Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula mostly and down to Bacalar) and it was much like your trip. It is a very historic mission town and very welcoming. I'm sure they have a profile and we clearly didn't fit it! The roads are tight and bumpy – especially further north in Baja. For the week of Jan. 18-24, t he state of Baja California (norte) is rated “red” (maximum alert, level 6) with non-essential activities restricted. Set in the 1970's, they were removing anything that looked more modern than that and renaming restaurants and stores to be appropriate for the movie. Answer 1 of 4: Can anyone help me with advice for renting a car for driving the Baja peninsula? Our ritual when approaching was: remove GoPro from window, remove sunglasses, turn off the radio, act quiet and attentive. January 2018 - In and near Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico. The first and most important warning is that night-driving is to be avoided by almost everyone. There are exceptions to the rule and there are occasions when the good ones will slip up, as can happen anywhere. México 3 runs south from Tecate through the hilly northern wine country and connects with Highway 1 just north of Ensenada. We've been settling in and getting to know our town and I can see many posts in our future about life in Mexico. This is what getting gas in Catavina amounts to! The incredible scenery, friendly people, and unique experiences will more than make up for the extra care you must use during your time behind the wheel in Baja. No passport stamp, no tourist card stamp! In the end, we had no issues at all. Bad because it didn't give us time to stop and think what we needed to do. We didn't get any pictures because they are often in places you absolutely can't stop! Generally we were asked where we were coming from and where we were going and waived through.