I was walking the other day and I saw a mom with her elementary aged child. She was walking the dog and he was riding his bike. I spotted the mom first then about :10 later the kid went zooming by me and if I’m being honest, he kind of startled me. When they got to the end of the sidewalk, she made him stop, get off the bike, look both ways REPEATEDLY before he crossed the road. Now, I was thinking why’d she do that at 7am in the morning? We can all clearly see that no cars are coming down the road, so why? Then it hit me, she’s building a habit in him that regardless of what he thinks or sees he should stop before crossing the road EVERYTIME. She’s building the habit of safety in him. I thought “WOW” that’s very powerful, what habits do I need to get better at? What habits do you need to get better at regardless of what you feel like or who’s around? Do you want to lose some weight, maybe get stronger/leaner, or maybe start that businesses you’ve been talking about for years? Are you doing what it takes every day to reach those goals? I’ll bet most of us aren’t BUT we like to blame other reasons why we can’t reach them. You know the mantra at Dynasty is “no excuses”, so I want to issue a challenge to you today. Pick 1-2 habits that will bring you closer to your goals and do them daily for the next 30 days and at the end of the 30 days watch how much closer you are to reaching those goals! Let me know what you’re going to do by responding to this email and I’ll help hold you accountable in addition to telling you what I want you to help me with. Excited to hear some of your responses!

Coach Sherman