August 20- September 28

6 Week Program designed to provide an introduction and to gymnastics. This course will start at the beginnerís level and meet each athlete where s/he is at. Progressions and scaled exercises will help athletes to correctly and safely develop their gymnastics abilities!!! Everyone progresses at her/his own pace, and we will all support each other! Anyone can do this, and with the correct training, can begin to do it well!
We will focus on strength, tumbling, and flexibility training. Below is a brief list of skills that we will work up to (we will work on others as well). Again, please remember that we start with progressions and support each person throughout their training process at each individual level:
  • Muscle ups / progressions
  • Handstand / progressions
  • Levers
  • Jumps (straddle, pike, tuck, turns)
  • Rolls
  • Cartwheels / progressions
  • H-Stand rollouts / progressions
  • Split progressions
  • Scale progressions