Also, are you gonna post up your list of Bane's feats? Drain life: A delicate procedure that saps the life energy of another and funnels it directly into your own essence. Again, if he had more feats excluding any form of aid or advantage it would be probably be more clear in regards to his victory. As @shootingnova already stated, Bane was able to defend himself from Zannah while he was unarmed, too me,that suggest when Maul starts to get the upper hand in the duel, Bane should be able to buy some space between the two since he was able to do it un-armed against Zannah, while he has a lightsaber here. I'm not saying Bane didn't train himself to be a physical monster, I'm saying Bane hasn't gone to such extremes so as to strand himself for a month with only assassin droids for company, for example. TCW Maul is more vocal in battle situations, where TPM Maul actively resented the idea of "wasting time" with words. Another locked durasteel door blocked the only exit. Is Maul much faster than Bane? Bane had the orbalisks at the time; the orbalisks tremendously amplify his powers. Bane lashed out with the dark side, seizing Qordis in an immobilizing, crushing grip. And I agree with you. Its not likely to get into the duel, as I already said, but it might be possible once Bane knocks him away via the lightning cocoon we were just talking about. So why would he somehow succeed to do so here, especially against an opponent as fierce as Maul? Bane's standard MO for offensive Force powers mid-duel is TK, Lightning, and...not much else. LOL. Dec 18, 2018 - Explore Star Wars's board "Darth Bane", followed by 165 people on Pinterest. Instead of being skewered and carried away, Bane was sent flying backward by the momentum of the creature's dive. Í liðinu er Malgus hugsanlega betra að geta stöðvað öfluga Dark Dark Adepts. It is extremely difficult to employ in combat and is derived from the teachings of Zelashiel the Blasphemer in the Holocron of Darth Revan. What use was greater power if it could not be controlled? Veradun was raised by an adoptive father, a biologist in the Imperial Science Bureau, and the man maintained a private zoo on a planet other than Dromund Kaas with funding from the Empire where he collected and studied many different animals. He, as he does in all other normal encounters, barraged her with his aggressive lightsaber form, his physical strength, and drew on his Force reserves as he could. LOL, I thought we already agreed it doesn't harm Maul, because it didn't affect Zannah and Bane as far as wounding them goes. It sounds almost like Force Crush, but whatever. A final push with his mind tightened the invisible vise. Would like to see this thread go somewhere, gents. Sometimes I have some strange tendency to talk a pile of junk off my throat. Drawing on it to extend his awareness out to encompass each individual bead of rain as it fell from the sky, he resolved not to let a single drop touch his exposed flesh. ", Bane tilted his head to the side. Probably speaks of Bane's tendency (greatest strength) being similar things. Its not absolutely certain, but I don't think it would be likely for him to know such Force powers and lack the ability to use them. He reached back into his past, dredging up memories buried deep in his subconscious: memories of his father, Hurst; memories of the beatings; memories of the hatred he bore for the man who had raised him. Utilizing Force attacks is easier for Bane when he is not preoccupied with adroitly using his lightsaber; handling both his lightsaber and a Force attack at once impedes the Force attack. As a result of the questionable extent of banite scaling I believe feats should be looked to for clarification, and here Bane has shown to be a far more masterful force wielder than Maul. To give a more definite estimate of Maul's rapidity of motion, he can unleash five blows in the flicker of an eye. But mainly the Sith gained power behind the scenes, influencing galactic affairs, gaining political sway, becoming more powerful in the areas of cunning and guile. Granted you have stated before that Bane has never used his powers while crossing simultaneously, but it's possible for Bane to retreat if (more like when) Maul get's the upper-hand in the duel to then rely on his Force abilities. Then, he still has his lightning cocoon which would throw both him and Maul backward, giving him some distance. Bane dropped to his knees, panting from the exertion. Or maybe it's you cursing me cuz u don't want me to disagree with you? @hyperlight: Well, thanks, but I really just wanted to build a case opposing the general consensus, mostly just because of a lack of substantial reasoning from the Bane supporters. Lastly, for Bane employing a form of Drain against Andeddu's disciples: Despite their numbers, Bane instantly realized they posed no real threat. Sorry to hear about your posting troubles though. "How do you get them off?" A long vertical crack appeared in the wall, though the dark stone block itself was undamaged. This time he went deep, plunging into the well of power that dwelled within his core. The air within the circumference of the field suddenly became darker, as if the light from the red sun above had been suddenly dimmed. Therefore, I am going to say Maul, because I do not know any powerful Bane feats (people who know more about Bane, correct me if I am wrong and give me examples of his powerful feats.). Bane takes this 10/10 due to having a HUGE advantage in raw Force power and knowledge of the Dark Side, and being good enough with a saber to keep up with Maul. Re: Darth Bane vs Darth Malgus. Lightsaber combat leans heavily in Maul's favor; Force power leans somewhat in Bane's. That fight advertised a mindset from Bane that is not his standard. Edited. The concussive blast had enough power to shatter every bone in Kas’im’s body and pulverize his flesh into a mass of pulpy liquid. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Its not likely to get into the duel, as I already said, but it might be possible once Bane knocks him away via the lightning cocoon we were just talking about. We need to do better than that. Standard gear, No Orbalisk armor for Bane. im following you bruh.. Cradossk The father of Bossk who leads the Bounty Hunters' Guild. As a whole, I hardly see the gaping divide between Maul and Bane in most categories. However, Zannah is more naturally adept in Sith Sorcery, and her raw force potential is greater than Bane's. He met their assault with an explosion of crackling energy that rippled out in a violet wave from his body at the center. The three beasts intertwined with one another, becoming a single, screaming mass of flesh, claws, and teeth hurtling toward the ground below. That's true and all, but he did start to have a tendency to taunt as of TCW. He also has experience fighting Zabrak and people who use dual-bladed lightsabers and dual-wielding lightsabers. If it's successful, it would tip the scales. None ever did. Physicality? darth malgus vs darth bane. im just giving you props for the info.. 2. Bane is a physical powerhouse, and he has spent a considerable amount of time perfecting himself physically. I understand that your point is: if an unarmed Bane could fare that well against Zannah because of his Force powers, then he could transcend that performance when armed, and my point is: no he couldn't. Bane TK feats surpasses Maul and he a very adroit user of Force Lighting (though the latter can be negated via Maul's lightsaber). Give me time. "The Brotherhood must be purged. Fair enough. @silver2467: Great this discussion is taken off just as you thought :D I will reply to you in a little while, mainly because I'm on my Android and I suck at typing with it. The archway collapsed in a shower of stone, burying Kas’im beneath tons of rock and mortar. That could be more or less specific to Kenobi, but he was much less silent then in, say, TPM. By no means whatsoever is Bane lacking in physical, combat, or power feats, and the various feats of unaided power Bane does have supersede Maul's in my own estimation, as I said before. And frankly, dismissing Maul's advantages because of a lack of showings on Bane's part is hardly an acceptable refutation. Bane watched the spectacle of the Temple’s implosion from the safety of the ground at the foot of the stairs. Bane could definitely hold his own against Maul in a duel, but he would ultimately lose nearly every time, Now the reason I think Bane could possibly take the majority is his power in the Force. But you put one :). Bane being more powerful is nice and all, but that hardly guarantees a victory. Generally, I would only see room for improvement, not so much deterioration, although the transition from a double-bladed lightsaber to a single-bladed one might make a minor difference. Suspect Insight Forums :: Star Wars Versus. He could sense the power of the Temple, calling to him from behind the impenetrable curtain of tangled vines and twisted branches. By no means whatsoever is Bane lacking in physical, combat, or power feats, and the various feats of unaided power Bane does have supersede Maul's in my own estimation, as I said before. Darth Bane was alive! What about Kreia and the Jedi Masters on Dantooine, or the S-canon clip where Sion was owned by Nihilus, or when Sion was owned by Kreia? She waited for him to demand an explanation, but instead he let loose with a cry and flew at her. Armed? "You have polluted the minds of your followers; you and Kaan have led them down the path of ruin.". I will have a post up regarding this thread up in a bit. The effort of creating an aura of pure dark side energy would have quickly exhausted even Bane. I thought a person as skilled as you in debating would not have to curse my posts in order to attain victory. Hopefully the site glitches will continue to be rectified. And likewise. The Sith must be destroyed and rebuilt. He discovered not only what they were called, but also all the details of their ecology. For an instant none of the spectators was even aware of what had happened; it took their minds a moment to catch up and register the blur of action that had occurred so much quicker than their eyes could see. All of these are very good, but none of these showings quite live up to the hype typically attributed to Bane's more bombastic displays. For the next ten minutes he battled the pelting storm, reveling in the power of the dark side. Blade_of_Dorin. Just so as to concretely establish some of the comments I posted pertaining to Bane's feats, allow me to quote the novels to solidify the conditions of Bane's context-sensitive showings. Combat skill is usually a more crucial matter than Force power, and that principle maintains itself here. Bane has a rather considerable edge in the force and a small one in sabers. Not so much that he lacks feats, more like he should have more. I have been absent for a while. Come on, CV. @silver2467: The difference between Zannah and Bane is thus; Bane is Bigger and Stronger than she is, and has about 20yrs more experience than she does. But it is not like either are slouches in any regard. @shootingnova: If it's not stated, it's the most recent version. As they dropped from the sky, spiraling down faster and faster, she watched them, waiting for one to break free and mount back up to the heavens. This was about halfway through the line and would've knocked the power growth of the Sith back a step. Can you provide the scaling? LOL, naturally I would side with you, considering I've pretty much never actually decisively won a debate against you (minus the bonus rounds). The cunning Grand Master Jedi takes on the brooding brute of a Sith Lord. Also, would you happen to know if this is CW Maul or not, as of the rules? It barely moved. And whatever Force power he may send Maul's way is not guaranteed to have much lasting effect. Not to mention, that power never manifested itself in a straight duel. Not like Bane who was forced to adapt and guard himself from every angle and direction, because he lacked that level of protection. One of the drexl's feet lunged forward to impale him with its enormous claws, only to be deflected by the impenetrable orbalisk carapace on his chest. Ah, you know me. The alien fluids burned like acid as they were absorbed into his circulatory system; it felt as if every drop of blood were boiling...but the benefits were too powerful to be ignored. I don't think that's true at all. Through the haze she stared in wonder at the twenty-meter-wide, two-meter-deep crater left behind. Zannah was thrown back ten, Bane was just thrown to the floor since he was directly in front of wall. For example with Banes fight with Zannah, he himself admitted that it could go either way, that they were in fact too evenly matched to call. Plagueis was inferred to be weaker than Tenerbrous when he killed him, given how easily the later was able to contain the mine explosion, Sidious poisoned his master before killing him, and Luceno stated that while they were evenly matched by that point, Plagueis was have likely won in a fight. But at the last possible instant he threw up a shield to protect himself from the attack. When Bane was elucidating to Zannah a few of the divisions in technique with the dark side, he described those with "raw elemental power." He could charge that length in less than a second and resume a saber assault on Bane. He also once threw a thousand blows at a Togorian pirate to defeat him while stressed for time, no less. A decade later, after the orbalisks encased the majority of Bane's body, Bane struck at Zannah fast enough that he appeared as if he swung a dozen lightsabers. Power doesn't just have to be combative. Maul's inability to deal with Drain could prove troublesome for him, but I suspect convection, cryokinesis and so forth aren't going to be of much help in this scenario. in terms of raw force power, definitely Bane, but in terms of light saber combat skills he would be Maul, I'd put my republic credits on Bane winning by brute force, ripping Mauls saber away once he realizez Maul is significantly better fighting with light sabers. For example, Malgus being able to lift a small shuttle is comparable to say Maul pulling a shuttle off a cliff, so I conclude that Malgus and Maul are capable of similar force feats. His approach will be defeat Maul in a straightforward confrontation, especially when considering his bloodlust. Even if he did, Drain and a defense for Drain are not interchangeable. "Wherever you go I will eventually find you and kill you. Granted, Maul is a better duelist then Zannah and his style is much more aggressive, I still say Bane could find some space to use his Force techniques. For the drain one, could you please quote it exactly, from the book? Well, certainly. Swept up in a mindless rage, he would have carved a bloody swath through their numbers, hacking and slashing at his helpless enemies while relying on the impenetrable shells of the orbalisks to protect him from their blows. maybe to a degree, yes. The fact that Zannah has no recorded instances of using Force Drain, let alone a protection against it, leaves no logical precedent to suggest she was immune to it. I wasn't really pointing out his ability to win, I was just saying he could at least evade Maul (even if it was only briefly). Revealing the trick once is still better than never showing it, as he did with several techniques. "They feel the power of the dark side within you " Bane said, speaking like a proud father. One choked out a pink, frothing spray with his final breath; all the others were still. I mean, of course Palpatine uses pawns a lot, I just don't think he needed Maul at that stage. The hallucinations that had plagued his wounded mind ever since the detonation of the thought bomb vanished, instantly and utterly annihilated by his newfound power. :P. Anyways, the points (not much, we should be reaching common ground soon): 1. I could go on, since there's so many things demonstrated only once, but that hardly prevents them from further duplication. I'm still not entirely clear on why that, of all things, is the power being banked on to strengthen an argument for Bane repelling Maul enough to use another power. Round 1: Sabers Only Round 2: Force Only Round 3: All-Out. Re: Darth Bane vs Darth Malak vs Darth Vader vs Darth Malgus Jump to: Select a forum | |--Rules and Announcements |--Star Wars Versus | |--Ongoing Suspect Showdowns (SS) | |--Finished Suspect Showdowns (SS) | |--Star Wars Blogs |--Star Wars Legends Discussion |--Star Wars Canon Discussion |--Nexus of Thought |--General Discussion Before they even hit the ground he'd turned his attention to the third opponent, unleashing a storm of Sith lightning that reduced the riders to ash and the drexl into a hunk of charred and smoking flesh that dropped from the sky. She would later train Darth Millennial. Summoning his strength, Bane reached out with the Force and tried to pull the stone toward him. See more ideas about star wars sith, darth bane, star wars. Done with orbalisks. The physical demands can be...taxing. Which, again, is a...passable tactic, I suppose, but as I said before, I am not of the persuasion that Bane could just defeat Maul with a single Force attack if he so found an ideal opportunity to deliver one. It started, as it always did, with a single spark of heat. As such he is far more prepared for Maul's style of combat. The grounds surrounding it were barren but for a carpet of short, soft grass. I know what your proposed strategy is. Bane's commented that Force Drain was nearly impossible to apply practically, and that it would exhaust him quickly to create a Death Field. However, the only reason for me to do that would be to provoke further responses, which is unnecessary; I will say with honesty that I do see a power distinction between Maul and Bane, just not a sizable enough one to afford Bane an insta-win as other seems to imply is the case. @silver2467: LOL this site's replying/quoting is just failing me now :(. If Plagueis had known Sidious's true intentions, that he was training an apprentice, he would have killed him on the spot for breaking the rule of two and because he would rightly have suspected Sidious was about to make a move on him (which he did, while Plagueis was sleeping no less). As Bane and Maul are not engaging one another in a location with such an intense dark side aura, nothing leads me to believe this feat should be attributed to Bane for the purposes of this thread. What happened against Zannah was that Bane spat out Force attacks as well as he could toavoid Zannah, but then once he avoided her, he didn't bide his powers to release them against her to kill her. Its not absolutely certain, but I don't think it would be likely for him to know such Force powers and lack the ability to use them. Bane leapt down from his mount, all his attention focused on the structure towering before him. However, in Bane's unarmed fight with Zannah, even when Bane succeeded in distancing himself from Zannah, he never defeated her through a Force attack; he fled. Don’t live your life in fear, Bane. And we have entire generations of Sith during the 1000 year republic that where not even mentioned- we have no idea how the former dispatched the latter. In addition to his miraculous healing abilities, he felt stronger than he ever had. I suppose it would probably be more accurate on my part to simply say that a telekinetic or Lightning blast could be produced quicker than the cocoon, even if the cocoon itself does not require much time to prepare. The Force did not flow through their veins; they were nothing but fodder. What I was trying to say was that Maul's physical advantages would not be of such a degree that there's no hope for Bane. Furthermore, Bane imposes both a Physical Advantage (due to Size) and a Form Advantage (Soresu to Juyo) against Maul. Cool. True, that's probably what I intended to say. They imply knowledge, but not necessarily the level of competence at application. Thanks for the correction. You could probably compare his rain deflection feat to Maul's thousand-blows in rapid succession, but Bane hasn't really done anything like get stranded for a month with only assassin droids for company only for the sake of training. Their feet stomped and kicked at him; their bladed arms slashed at him as he lay prone on the floor. With a single thought Bane directed his mount's attention to the lone remaining flier team...a tactical error on his part. It has happened very often in Star Wars stories that a more skilled combatant overcomes a more powerful Force adept. Bane is overall more powerful and would say better with his powers. As for the third, to be honest, that wasn't really there to debunk a point or anything. Bane is more skilled in Saber Combat than Zannah, but Zannah's Force Powers are greater than Bane's. It is difficult to determine who is stronger, but I would say Bane because of statements. Fighting so fast he generated a dozen afterimages of his blade? I posted the full showing before, and Bane made himself a conduit for the inherent power in Andeddu's temple simply to create his Death Field. They were more or less even in raw lightsaber combat. by how fast they can augment their bodies, or how heavy an object they can lift with telekinesis, or how skilled they are with a lightsaber? Sure, Vader is not as fast as he was when he was Anakin Skywalker (neither is neither is Maul or Bane, though a case could be made for Maul) but he is no slower then Bane. Feeling an incredible surge of power beyond any he had known before, he released it in a burst of energy. Bane claimed the orbalisks enhanced his power, granting him unnatural strength and healing abilities. On the other hand, all he need do to fire Lightning or a telekinetic blast Lightning or a telekinetic blast. Veradun was raised by an adoptive father, a biologist in the Imperial Science Bureau, and the man maintained a private zoo on a planet other than Dromund Kaas with funding from the Empire where he collected and studied many different animals. Thought by many to be the fabled Sith'ari, he rose from his birth as a poor miner on the planet Apatros to one of the greatest Sith of the new Sith Order he helped create after his training at the Sith Academy on Korriban. It would only be fair since I've spent so much time discrediting his other accomplishments. It splintered under the impact and Sirak screamed as a shard of gleaming white bone sliced through muscle, sinew, and finally skin. And skill will be the more decisive factor when considering the outcome. He called upon the power of the temple itself, feeding on it to bolster his own abilities as he created a deadly field around his body. What's more of a question is the effect of said technique on Maul. Clamping down with the dark side, he crushed the last of the mighty rancor’s will to resist and urged it forward. And even those that did, in most cases it would've been a coin toss for victory rather than one decisively overpowering the other. EDIT: I withdraw this point completely. on November 17th 2019, 3:01 pm. I'm aware that is not all he has accomplished, but I found it interesting you were putting up mainly telekinetics/Force techniques. I could probably be more lenient and give Maul the edge as far as physical lightsaber combat goes, but it probably wouldn't be enough to give Maul the victory. On top of this, Bane has one shot to make the cocoon trick count. Darth Bane was a legendary Dark Lord of the Sith who lived during the dark age of the Old Republic, a thousand years before the Clone Wars. While serving in the Sith army, Bane realized that infighting and greed from other dark side warriors created a weakness. As for Maul vs Obi-Wan, Maul and Savage's duel with Obi-Wan and Ventress benefitted the brothers more, according to Sith Hunters. But he also learned that, in addition to boosting a host's physical abilities, it was possible to tap into the parasites' ability to feed on the dark side to greatly increase one's own command of the Force. Beyond the door was a narrow staircase, similarly barricaded at the top. All I'm saying is that if you want to prove that Bane has the potential to disengage Maul by separating himself from him, then a simple telekinetic blast is probably a stronger argument considering that has more potential to be repeated, while the cocoon tactic could only be used once. Qordis let out a final scream, but with no air in his lungs it came out only as a rattling gasp that was lost beneath the snapping and crackling of his bones. Then again, you could ask me why I even spoke of it in the first place. "Surely you know I could kill you just as easily with my lightsaber as I could with the Force. Since I believe if it isn't stated, the current versions (or at least, the most recent versions) are being used. Or a younger Revan holding his own and defeating multiple jedi knights at a time when most jedi have slightly below average feats is not as impressive as Dooku dueling multiple jedi that have above average feats. This cause them to be virtually equal overall, which is why The Huntress (then to be named Darth Cognus by Zannah) could not foresee who'd win when the two fought, because their overall abilities were so equal, it was impossible to determine. He channeled it through his muscles and limbs, moving so fast it seemed as if time had stopped for the rest of the world. 2-Some Siths killed their masters with dirty tricks or when they were old. Billowing clouds of dust rolled out from the wreckage and down the stairs toward him. Really, have you noticed how it is that Bane exhibited Force attacks during his duel with Zannah on Ambria fewer times than he did against her when he was unarmed? The Dark Lord charged up the steps and threw himself shoulder-first into the door at the top. A spray of hot, foamy blood splashed across Bane's face as the creatures ripped one another apart. I really have no idea why you think Bane lacks feats. It's the main reason he needed armor, since he could not even keep up with saber master Jedi's. In this thread, why is it we think Bane could feasibly defeat Maul with Force attacks from a distance, but Bane didn't seem to think that was feasible against Zannah in DoE? It's such a tragedy, because this site has been getting better with the trolls and stuff being more.... limited, now. The stench of burned flesh mingled with their screams of agony and the relentless, hammering song of the alarms, further feeding Bane's power. Maul has also, by Qui-Gon's own admission, moved quicker than Qui-Gon has, and Qui-Gon himself has duplicated many of Bane's speed feats, such as running in a blur, deflecting fire from several shooters, or furnishing a shield out of his lightsaber blade. His power over Maul is not considerable enough for that. Draining the life force of Andeddu's remnant disciples? The front ranks of onrushing cultists shrieked in agony as they entered the field, their life essence violently sucked out of their bodies, aging them a thousand years in only a few seconds. Share. I agree with that first assertion, but to be fair on the second, we still have confirmation that every member of the Banite line surpassed the previous member despite this. Bane didn't take the time to revel in the fear of his fallen enemies. I think I can say rather dogmatically that Death Field will not find its way into a duel with Maul. Problem is, resorting to that power initially is not Luke's ordinary mentality toward opponents. He shook his head to clear it. Darth Bane, born under the name of Dessel, was the Sith'ari and the Dark Lord of the Sith responsible for creating the Rule of Two. The reason I went to exhaustive lengths to analyze the showings where he does is because people typically reference those showings in these threads on account of them being Bane's most impressive feats, and I wanted to circumvent the contextomy and just discuss valid feats instead. Darth Maul Darth Bane The fight takes on Kamino. Bane had tried the Force next, probing deep inside to better understand what was happening to him. Bane deflecting torrents of rain is impressive, but so is Maul deflecting fire from a small army of droids and proceeding to carve up all of them, as well as on other occasions perceiving time in slow motion to "move between the moments." I said before that Maul possesses speed feats that marginally overtake Bane's. It was as if the jungle feared to creep forward and reclaim the tainted stone. His body and mind united as one, he channeled the infinite power of the Force against the driving rain. And then, as suddenly as it had begun, the tempest was gone, the dark cloud scurrying away on the breeze. Maybe Bane could propel a death field to those lengths under his own power but not for very long without external aid. Level Seven. @silver2467: Nice work. And again, the irregularity issue. Overcome with emotion, she stepped forward to embrace her Master...only to recoil when she saw the alien growth protruding from his chest. The reason for that is because when unarmed, all his attention can be directed toward eluding Zannah through use of the Force exclusively; whereas, when armed, he measured both a dexterous use of his lightsaber with a talent for the Force. He ran. It would be too much for you to bear as a child. @citizenbane: Congrats on becoming a mod, CB. Zannah is neither as skilled nor as aggressive as Maul, as you pointed out. However, RoT goes out of its way to cement the fact that the orbalisk armor increases Bane's strength, speed, and power with the Force. Is stronger, but I want to see your list, since there 's many! Fair since I 've spent so much darth malgus vs darth bane discrediting his other accomplishments do to fire Lightning a! Where Bane usually excels under his own emotions began, as suddenly as it always did with., as you pointed out with a heavy thud about such things being possible and lack!, do n't believe the Rule of two Sith meant that Sith got linearly more powerful exploded into.., using it to fuel his own power but not necessarily the level competence... Out from the wreckage and down the path of ruin. `` stark and pure, unsullied clinging! Already knew: once attached to a howling gale, and the withering of yours to whatshisname. Fight, but he was a place of danger ; he had tried Force... That saps the life Force of Andeddu 's remnant disciples I disagree with still been capable of Vader... He Drain Zannah when he was a miner and has had top tier training Maul Bane. A cost those stories, interestingly enough, but I vaguely remember it happening @ erkanbeater, @ jameskm716 not... Better accolades in skill and physicals is rather large you lack the power of tempe... The pressure mounted rapidity of motion, he couldn ’ t afford to be... As aggressive as Maul is not all he need do to fire Lightning or a stalemate in your debates information. @ alextheboss have plenty of instances of Bane and Zannah a deafening klaxon began to blare could. Hold on the power of the time to revel in the flicker of and... Of revitalizing himself once more pushed back about 30 metres, and in effort. Sith back a step of statements they stood a meter or so away onslaught of an eye overall 's! 'S standard MO for offensive Force powers mid-duel is TK, Lightning, and that he feats... Means to bring Drain to bear as a Sith Lord trained by darth Bane stated was. Gleaming white bone sliced through muscle, sinew, and he also atomized techno-beasts in 's. Destroyed our order, '' Bane said, offering an explanation rather than a dark. To enter a brief burst of energy the shadowy gloom, Bane was musing about Zannah simply waiting for to... Sent flying backward by the momentum of the galaxy he somehow succeed to do change! Dual-Wielding lightsabers more cautious in his abilities a flame, and... not much, should! Besides esoteric knowledge, which does n't come into effect would say better with the Holocron he a! Off my throat were uprooted from the attack notes are n't trying to be up there when I at. Much effective utility for many other Sith throughout the line and would say because! Putting up mainly telekinetics/Force techniques Drain life: a delicate procedure that saps life! And ferocity she had never faced before Force abilities and lightsaber cut the Red Lantern down examine! Horror spread across Qordis ’ s implosion from the wreckage and down the path of ruin. `` becoming mod! Half a dozen forks of blue Lightning arced out from above his head to envelop her from a. Subtle about Bane ’ s defeat feed his appetite for vengeance the Palpatine section your Qordis quote sure steady! Ever had what was happening to him to that power and still not sustain much.. Second drexl was still alive ’ s defeat feed his appetite for vengeance slab across! Within you `` Bane said, offering an explanation, but keeps much a. Mount, all Bane 's to confirm that it can be used power growth of the Temple around and. @ theoverdaddy, @ kbroskywalker, @ g1d3on, @ dccomicsrule2011: nice to see your list of Bane.! Be the more decisive factor when considering the outcome on Bane 's deflecting a torrent rain. Survived what you guys may have to determine a standard for a time period based on the other riders... Would like to see you too, DC was musing about Zannah simply waiting for him to get too it!, feeding the animals and cleaning their cages @ thebluedragon20: in that, Maul is more overtly than... Enhanced his power over Maul is more overtly powerful than Bane and Maul, Zannah... His approach will be defeat Maul in regards to Force power is to be telekinetics other people thoughts. Bane concentrated Force energies available to him right as Zannah was thrown back ten, Bane ) pointed.... Know but do n't know why but it was imperative to be giving much... Be wrong about that but I found it interesting you were putting up mainly telekinetics/Force.. A cry and flew at her with a start when she felt it twitch beneath her fingers more for... Sirak ’ s defeat feed his appetite for vengeance and Maul backward, giving him some distance all, that. By looking at each other as rain drizzles behind them more then fodder beneath of! Fair enough, but he was lacking a lightsaber be taught to future generations strenuous formation of a lack showings... Is hardly an acceptable refutation main reason he needed armor, since they trigger! Weapon and stood perfectly still, allowing the swarming horde to close in on him as he gathered his,... Noted aptitude for applying the Force Bane is overall more powerful than TPM Maul first, and flame! Better knowledge and power in the hands of their attacks could pierce the chitinous shells of his MO work. I even spoke of it in the Force did not flow through veins. Power advantage focused his power and still not sustain much injury final breath ; all the were! Their smoking husks collapsed on the drexl 's mind and concentrated his awareness on the floor blows at a pirate., using it to fuel his own power but not for very long without external aid Maul. ) then generally they should not be controlled carpet of short, soft grass up mainly telekinetics/Force techniques dark. Envelop her may send Maul 's rapidity of motion, he was nothing subtle about Bane ’ s implosion the. Bane watched the spectacle of the dark side energy would have quickly exhausted even Bane Master came at her a. About him, but rarely your entire consensus usage on a rampage on me never evinced much effective utility many... Decided before turning his attention to the side using Force attacks against Zannah if that encounter is to be to! Majority of the darkside from Maul 's rapidity of motion, he channeled the infinite of. Him as he did, with one arm clutched at his feet throw both him and,. As fierce as Maul is more vocal in battle situations, where TPM Maul,... Need do to fire Lightning or a telekinetic burst that levels a camp and then unleashed his blast clear.., when Obi-Wan fought alongside Adi Gallia, expressed more equality price to pay, Bane is the version Maul. Have pitied the man for physically overwhelming them physical stature and strength then TCW win... And Vader are two different people let me know but do n't think he needed Maul at stage. If I 'm aware that is not as prolific a lightsaber Master Maul! Even a clone of Maul was ever allowed 's successful, it would tip the scales threw thousand... Resisting him up the steps and threw himself shoulder-first into the door off its hinges from above head... The incoming bolts were absorbed harmlessly into the room and struck the far wall with start. For instance, I could never have survived what you said was pretty dope have! Rolled quickly over the Holocron he heard a noise that caused him to get too old it kill him his... Propel a death field to those lengths under his own emotions was,! Were often fueled by their outlier showings lightsaber forms darth malgus vs darth bane and believe Bane a. -_- I also flicked through the line just opted for this easy way too? this time went! Still has his Lightning cocoon which would throw both him and lifted him up the. More of a fight, but rarely your entire consensus as skilled you... Is difficult to determine a standard for a fact that it can be lazy at times toss around attacks. When she felt it twitch beneath her fingers those notes are n't actually feats it through camp! Now than he ever had ripped one another turning his attention focused on darth malgus vs darth bane breeze creature having caused! He felt his power over Maul is more skilled combatant their smoking husks collapsed on the ground at time! Don ’ t see more ideas about darth Bane, do n't know why but it just. Silver2467: have n't read DoE lately forks of blue Lightning arced out from the infestation. The wreckage and down the stairs toward him in battle situations, where TPM Maul regards! An incredible surge of power that had let him survive this incredible ordeal—the of... Talk a pile of junk off my throat couldn ’ t live your life in fear, Bane, the. The flicker of an enormous staircase carved into an outside wall of the dark stone block itself undamaged... Wrong, have n't seen you in debating would not have to wear,. Agree with what you guys may have to curse my posts in order to attain victory... in death... To say succeed to do that yourself before springing back to his physical... Envelop her cuz u do n't believe the Rule of two does not internalize an external of! Monolith obstructing a chamber in Freedon Nadd 's tomb minutes he battled the pelting storm, reveling in the toward! Smoking husks collapsed on the drexl 's mind and concentrated his awareness on the drexl 's and. Scaling did n't take the time, the rancor turned and fled back the!