Why do a running program? Who needs a class or a coach for that? Isn’t running just a basic, easy thing that anyone can go out and do? Common things heard in CrossFit gyms whenever running comes up in a workout (and conspicuously smaller classes when just running IS the workout) suggest otherwise…


paraphrased to protect the guilty 😉
“Running again!?
“We have to run how far?”
“I hate running” (said with a grumble)
“That workout was great, except the running”
“I can do the rest, but running just kicks my butt”
“Running makes my knee/foot/ankle/etc hurt”
“Running is too hard”

Most CrossFit athletes don’t have an endurance background and can benefit from building their aerobic capacity – their “cardio.” Our running program is designed to be incorporated into your weekly training; we will meet 1 session per week. The workouts will have different focuses and you should hit them all with 100% effort. You will see improvements and weight loss in short 6 weeks by combining this program with your current routine.

The goals of the Dynasty program are to help you build your aerobic capacity and become a more efficient runner while improving your overall ability to do work. Training three times per week with an additional properly structured running routine will pay off hugely! We are excited to have you.

The price of the program is only $99. BEGINS NOVEMBER 6th!

Introducing Dynasty CrossFit : Dynasty Running Club!

One running session per week, for six weeks starting November 6th! Sessions will run on Mondays at 6:30pm and will be 1 hour long, focusing on improving running technique, reducing injury, mobility, among other things to help you!

Run Smart, Run Strong, Run Happy

Cost: $99

Only 12 Spots Available!

Register here!

Monday, November 6th @ 6:00pm
Monday, November 20th @ 6:00pm
Monday, November 27th @ 6:00pm
Monday, December 4th @ 6:00pm
Monday, December 11th @ 6:00pm
Monday, December 18th @ 6:00pm