Each time you walk through our doors, you can expect a personal welcome and an amazing experience. We don’t hide behind false promises. You will work hard but you will have fun doing it!

Have you struggled with setting and meeting goals? Are you tired of always ending up in the same place you started? We can help change that!

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To push our members, athletes and community to set goals and accomplish things they never thought they could.


Dynasty CrossFit offers a 5,000 square foot facility which is home to the best community gym in Gainesville, Florida. Dynasty CrossFit is conveniently located off of I-75 and only 5 minutes from the University of Florida and within a 10 minute drive from Jonesville.

At Dynasty CrossFit we pride ourselves in supplying the best and never cutting corners to help take you to the next level. We have some of the most premier CrossFit equipment that’s used by the best athletes in the world, and we believe our members deserve every opportunity to succeed. We strive to always give you a varied experience so you’re getting stronger,faster, and having fun. We want every person that walks through our doors to know that we have thought of their needs!



“Coach Sherman is what makes this gym the best in the world. His ways of making you feel motivated and successful at achieving your goals is what keeps me coming back!” Haley B.

“Words could never describe how amazing Dynasty’s box family is. If you really want to know you’d have to stop by to see for yourself. The family and support you gain here is amazing. The cleanliness of the facility ( not just physical but they do not tolerate any profanity, in speech nor music ) is something you’d never see in any other gym. The coaching is top notch and never leave you in doubt about how or what to do. Finally last but not least, the owners are wonderful people who will go to great lengths to do what needs to be done to help you succeed in your goals. Trust me, if you’re ever in Gainesville Florida and need a great workout with a great atmosphere you HAVE to drop in to Dynasty crossfit.” Cassady B.

“LOVE, LOVE Dynasty!!!! I love that the moment you walk through the door you’re like a person not a number. They treat you like your family. The programming is top notch and the coaches are awesome! Wouldn’t go anywhere else! “ Deirdre I.

“Our owners and coaches really buy in to targeted and tailored athlete training. They have fostered a welcoming, open-armed environment where I feel pushed to be my best through individual coaching within our group class format. The owners stand by their morals and beliefs and break all stereotypes associated with a crossfit gym. The growth of our gym has not been associated with complacency, our owners strive to keep us coming back to the gym with new programs and a sense of continued self-growth. We all can continue to improve. Thanks to our owners and coaches I have yet to “plateau.” Shelley S.

“I started at Dynasty two years ago, everyday I am shocked by my progress Sherman and Cristina have the best coaches and always push us to our limits. I have never felt more welcomed and loved in our gym community! “ Aubrey W.

“The family atmosphere at Dynasty is beyond anything I have ever seen in an organization. It is truly an honor to be a member of this gym.” Brad W.